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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Girls are sold here often for excuses of marriage

Girls are sold here often for excuses of marriage

"People of UP play gambling, drink alcohol, and do not hesitate in getting married in the second and third. Why does the Guardian not see his country, seeing him in his field?"

Girls are sold here often for excuses of marriage
Saying this, the necklace of anger filled with Shibata. As if hidden in the past, some of his wounds have been refreshed. In which year was the mother of three children, Rabiya married, where did she go to Uttar Pradesh, she did not know? It is only known that her husband's house was near a public hospital. Rabia was sold to the broker by her aunt, in the name of marriage.

Rabiya says, "I was married to my lie, said that the boy has his own house, he works in the paper but he lived in the cottage and used to ride a rickshaw, he used to beat a lot, put the soil in the food. , Used to sleep with others, and to scavenge the children with beedi, we came to Katihar. Here, parents, Sister-in-law listen but live. "

Sonam, who lived a few kilometers away from Rabiya's house, also ran away from her husband. A small grocery store in the village is his support. Neighbors deal with this baby girl of Bin Maa Baba. W

Halle train and then by bus his groom took him away and took him to UP. He had done so long in his life for the first time and many dreams of a happy life were also closed for the first time in his eyes.

But, when it came to real life, it got scattered. Sonam explains, "The husband used to say that sleeping with the other man, he did not go too far and did not say that he would sell you and marry another."

Sonam has two memories of his past life. The first is a deep scarf of his knife in his child and the other on the right foot.

Aarti is a 26-year-old rider on the same kayak of pain. This girl has a very deep scar on the forehead of the mentally ill. There were 3 brokers for her marriage. Aarti's mother said that the boy is very good.

She says, "Married at night, there was no pandit, but Mentor was not even read, and there was no man in the village, he got married in old clothes only. Later it was found that if a girl kills a lot We searched and brought the daughter back, now she saves the goat. "

All the victims of Rabia, Sonam and Aarti do not know where they were married in UP.

In India, cases of human trafficking are common in Bride Trafficking i.e. false marriage. In particular, in rural areas of Simanchal ie Purnia, Katihar, Kishanganj, Araria district Where poverty, natural calamities and expenses related to the marriage of the girl are sold to the girls in the name of marriage.

Shilpi Singh has been working on trafficking in the area for the last 16 years. His organization 'Vishram Vihar' had done a survey between Katihar and Araria ten thousand families in the year 2016-17. In which 142 cases were married through the broker. Most such marriages happen in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Punjab are also the centers of bridge traffic.

Shilpi explains, "Here the brokers work like sleeper cells and they continually monitor potential victims when they know that the family is in trouble, they give false marriage by giving money to themselves or any relative. Where did the girl go, nobody knows. "

Bihar is the lowest among the human development indices according to the report printed in March 2019 in the publication of Bank of India's eCorap. Figures from 1990 to 2017 show that Bihar is the most frustrating of Indian states in working for the betterment of the Human Development Index.

Human trafficking comes from Bihar for cheap labor, body trade, human organ, and false marriage. Police registered some 753 cases of human trafficking in the past decade. 2274 arrests of human traffickers 1049 women and 2314 men were freed from the clutches of human smugglers.

"Wherever there is a sex ratio, wherever the sex ratio is low, the gangs operate for the girls' smuggling," said Vinay Kumar, Additional Director General of Crime Research Department, "These gangs lure parents, After marriage, there are many girls who are re-tracking, they have demanded and supplied the entire process.

Bihar's sex ratio is 918 whereas Simanchal's 927. This is the reason that Simanchal girls are easy prey for the states where the sex ratio is low.

This was the reason that in 2014 BJP leader OP Dhankad had said in a meeting, "If the BJP government comes in Haryana, girls from Bihar will be brought to marry the youth of the state."

Khanee Mazdoor Ghuli Devi's and is also a victim of re-trafficking.

Gholi Devi says, "Nande was a 'clean' color, one day the broker came with a beautiful bride and got married to Nand. Later, my mother-in-law spent Rs 6000 and searched for the address two times but found out that My mother-in-law was mad at this misery and died. "

Many families like Gholi Devi are waiting for the news of their daughter for years.

BJP leader Kiran Ghai has been the President of the Bihar Legislative Council Child Development Women Empowerment Committee. They believe that the issue of traffic is not important for political parties.

She says, "While being the chairman of the committee, my experience is that the leaders used to connect traffic to the traffic system. These social issues should be transformed into a political agenda, it requires a lot of sensitivity, which is not present right now. "

There is also Rita in this teenager group of 12 to 18 years of girls. When Rita was studying in the eighth, she was 15 years old.

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