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Monday, April 1, 2019

Last year 1.1 lakh Indian students went to Australia, tremendous offers

Last year 1.1 lakh Indian students went to Australia, tremendous offers

The government is giving tremendous facilities to the reader in Australia's regional institutions. After a year of study, he will get a scholarship of around Rs 7 lakh every year, along with a year of work.


  • More than 1 lakh Indian students went to Australia last year
  • It has been possible due to Australia's new visa policy
  • In this policy, there will be many facilities in the regional institutions of Australia.
  • After 3 years of work, 3 years of work visa will be available
  • About 7 lakh rupees scholarships will be available every year

New Delhi

The number of Indian students who have studied in Australia has increased significantly in the last year. During the year 2018, more than one lakh Indian students have enrolled in educational institutions in Australia. This is 12.4% of total international admissions of Indian students. This year, 25 percent increase in enrollments compared to last year. China has the highest 2.6 lakhs or 29 percent of the total admission.


Australia announced the 'Additional Temporary Graduate' Visa. In this, international students who graduate from the Regional Campus of a registered university, get one year extra work rights in Australia. According to the rule, at present, students studying in Bachelor or Master Degree in Australia get visa for work for 2 years after studying. But in the new rule, they will now get three years. '

In a separate release on March 20, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the announcement of a new scholarship scheme. This scheme was meant to attract Australian and international students to study in other areas of Australia. Each year, local and international students will get around 15,000 Australian dollars (about 7 lakh rupees).

Australia hunts two with one arrow

By giving students a visa to work for more than a year after studying, the Australian government has hunted two arrows with an arrow. This will help reduce the crowds from the areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast. As these are more popular areas, most of the international students and the people of the work are the attitude of this city which makes the population more inclined. There is a provision for new visa to be read in regional institutions. This will allow students to stay away from popular areas of Australia, in other areas, which will reduce the crowd in the main cities.

The second benefit to Australia is that more and more students will be there to read. Since students will get a chance to stay for more than one year after studying, this will be a convenient situation for them.

How convenient is the scheme for students?

Jobs and Education Sector in Australia have expressed happiness for the students getting additional one year. Zahira Ismael, managing director of the Home Service Institute, Perth, said: "After giving extra year to graduates it shows that the policy makers understand the problem of the students. In most jobs, at least three years of experience are sought, while according to the current rules of visa, students get visas for two years only after studying. They also suggested to international students to explore employment prospects in every field.

Many students are willing to stay and stay in the host country for a long time. In this regard, Cyrus Mistry, EGMEGRAT Consultancy Services, told our Associate newspaper TOI: "The new regional visa will be attractive to international students. There is an option to take Permanent Residency after three years. For those who want to sit there after studying, it will be a very attractive option. "

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