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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The shock of the Chinese felt in the Maldives, can be immersed in billions of investments!

The shock of the Chinese felt in the Maldives, can be immersed in billions of investments!

the shock of chinese felt in maldives
the shock of Chinese felt in the Maldives
A major win in the parliamentary elections of President Ibrahim Mohamed Soli in the Maldives is a great setback for India and a major setback for China. After the news of President Ibrahim Soli's victory, India welcomed the results without delay.

Soli's victory will strengthen strategic gains in India's southern neighboring country, where China is trying to maintain its dominance.

Presidential Soli's Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) has won 67 of the 87 seats in parliament. After this historic victory, the President of Maldives will be able to move forward to investigate the loan from the previous government of China.

In the predecessor led by Yemen, India was growing distances from the Maldives. The ruling Yameen welcomed the investment in Beijing under 'Belt and Road'. Before the elections last year, former Maldivian ex-President Mohamed Nasheed claimed that 80 percent foreign debt of the Maldives was taken from China.

Prior to the election, Soli's party had promised voters that after coming to power, they will conduct a loan investigation from China. The party expressed concern while saying that the loan taken from China could be up to $ 3 billion. China's huge investment in the Maldives and the expansion of belt and road were also increasing the problems of India.

This parliamentary victory has strengthened the position of MDP and India-Maldives strategic partnership will also benefit from this. India and Maldives's defense partnership has also strengthened since being the President of Soli last year.

Soli promised to investigate the government's prior agreements with China in connection with allegations of corruption against the government. Addressing a rally on Sunday, President Soli reiterated the issue of zero tolerance policy for corruption. Soli said, "It is a chance that all the citizens should work together and we are ready to meet the needs of people without any discrimination." He said that allegations of corruption will be scrutinized with the support of the new parliament and separate commission will be made for this.

Located in the south-west of India, the Maldives has traditionally been in the area of influence of New Delhi. However, the spread of the Maldives is also in many sea routes which are very important for China.

Critics are also advising the Maldives to avoid being a victim of the diplomacy of trapping China's debt trap. Under 'debt diplomacy', China has already trapped many countries in its debt trap, and in the event of non-repayment of debt, it captures the vital capital of those countries. In the last few occasions, many Indian diplomats, including the West, have also warned the Maldives of a threat to the country's sovereignty from China.

The Maldives is fighting for domination between India and China. China has invested millions of dollars in the power of Abdullah Yameen under the 'Belt and Road Scheme' but after the victory of Soli, the crisis of China's investment has started to grow. Many political analysts believe that Soli has always been apprehensive about China's intention. That is why India is watching the victory of the Maldives Democratic Party as a great force in its neighborhood.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also participated in Soli's swearing-in program last year. After this, the new president of the Maldives had visited India a month later. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj reached Maldives after signing the code of conduct last month and signed several bilateral agreements. There has been a positive relationship with New Delhi's new ruling government, and both Nasheed-Soliis have been critical of China's policies. After coming to power in Sololi, India will be in a position to take diplomatic advantage.

However, there is also a section of the universe that believes that the change in power in Maldives will not make much difference to Chinese investment. Foreign policy expert Constantino Xavier in Brookings India, New Delhi, told the New York Times: "The greed of cheap and accessible money can make Maldives and China's friendship deeper, even if the leaders of the Maldives say anything publicly."

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