3 results of Series Brunze's victory over Blue Jacket

Tuka Rusk and Bruins calmed Columbus Cannon in the game 6
3 results of Series Brunze's victory over Blue Jacket
They kept the cannon silent to end the series.

Boston Bruins had to face a squad of Columbus Blue Jackets playing for their Playoff in Game 6. Blue Jackets showed frustration all the time However, he could not break into Tuukka Rusk, because Bruno's Cashier controlled John Tortorella's group.

David Craigsey, Marcus Johansson and David Beck, made Rusk's effort worthwhile with the objectives of the time. Brun's has secured his date with the Carolina Hurricane in the Eastern Conference Finals.

This we learned from Bruce's 3-0 series win in an artillery-free nationwide Arena.

Tuukka Rusk, ladies and gentlemen

Torrella provided lots of bulletin board with her game 7 guarantee and criticism of Boston ATM. Rask responded with his actions.

This was not clear due to lack of evidence from Columbus. Blue Jacket attacked Rusk with quality scoring opportunities, especially during his three power play occasions, and in front of the net in front of the defenders of Bruce. Rask secured his fold with great savings in the scoring areas while dealing with traffic and physical sports in front of him.

Apart from that, there was not even a single rabbit that he stood above the rest in game 6, but closing at the time, overall 39 of them finished.

Rask said, "I can answer it, but it will take 10 minutes for me to pass through all the savings." "Traffic was fast shots, one in two places. But one of the rest [] was difficult to choose.

The fantastic series of roses took place in the best possible way with its first postcenon against the rival Montreal Canadiens since May 8, 2014. He faced Wazena Winner Sergei Bobrovsky twice, who defeated Tampa Bay Lightning as the winner of the four matches, as the winner of the trophy.

Rask's performance in this second-round series (212 shots in 223 shots) is close to his stunning start against penguins in the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals. This is a difficult question to make sure. But for most of the postcens, Rusk has given his team a chance, and no one can ask.

Bruce Coach Bruce Cassidy told reporters about Rusk, "He was definitely our most consistent player in the whole series." "We were giving a good play at the bet, but he was there every night, and definitely deserves the praise that comes from this way." I am proud of that. "

Bruce allowed things to move away from them against Blue Jacket. But Rask supported them with quality performance. They will need continuation of 20 players against the group of talented storms and injuries in round 3.

Will Charlie McAvoy Meet With Player Security?

By the end of the second period, the stroke of Charlie McAvoy for Josh Anderson marked a lucky moment in his youth career. Despite the high impact in Anderson's head area, the former stand of Boston University participated only for two-minute minors for an illegal investigation into the head.

Officials would have said cross-check something else. But he opted for an illegal check in the head, which does not guarantee a major penalty or misconduct in the game under Rule 48.1.

McAvoy introduced a two-minute minor for an illegal check on Anderson's head only. The player's security department may question the availability of potential hearing for Carolina to begin the series at least.

Despite all the malpractices, McAvoy and Anderson embraced each other during the game's handshake. Both looked at separating their differences during their greetings at the center of the ice.

David Beck is an archer.

Bobrovsky remained in his cosmic head in Game 3 However, Bruce did not have enough traffic to make his life harder in front of the Columbus Cashier.

Knowing this, Cassidy saw his list in hopes of finding a large body to sit in front of Bobrovsky. Enter David Bass, a physical but inconsistent appearance since coming to Boston before the 2016-17 season.

In spite of all the ups and downs in his first three years, Backes still entered the unexplained area in Post cane. The former blues captain showed himself healthy for the first time in his career to start the first round series of Boston.

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