7.2 Strong earthquake of rocks Papua New Guinea

7.2 Strong earthquake of rocks Papua New Guinea
Officials said that the 7.2 magnitudes powerful earthquake shook Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, officials said that cuts of power and removal of objects from shelves, although there was no immediate report of serious damage.

According to the US Geological Survey, earthquake at a depth of 127 kilometers (80 miles) at a distance of 30 kilometers (20 miles) from Bullolo town on 2119 GMT on Monday. UU., And was realized in the capital Port Moresby about 250 miles away.

Officials said that there was no immediate report of major damage and the depth of earthquake meant that there was no danger of Tsunami.

"We do not have any reports yet," said Inspector Leo Cecas of Bulu Police Station AFP.

"We are still evaluating the situation," he said. Staff at Hotel Pine Lodge of Bullo said that the items dropped from the table were modestly damaged, but this is not a serious matter.

More than 100 kilometers away, residents of Lee said that earthquakes cut shelves and countertops in some areas and cut off electricity.

Christopher Lam, a designer living in the city, told "I was still awake," to AFP. "It lasted more than 30 seconds, we had household items that were thrown from their shelves and the power was cut off.

"Things have come back normal, there is no structural damage here, although I am not sure about other buildings in the city."

It is estimated that according to United Nations data, approximately 1,10,000 people live within 50 km radius of the earthquake.

The National Disaster Management Office located in Morbi said that while there is no initial report of the damage, the earthquake area news may take some time.

"We are awaiting evaluation," a spokesman told AFP. In February last year, due to the magnitude of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake, the landslide was occurring in the vertical area of ​​the country and landslides took place, in which at least 125 people were killed.

Due to poor PNG communication and infrastructure, the horrors of that calamity were not clear for days.

Regular earthquakes occur in Papua New Guinea, which sits on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, an access point for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.

According to US Soldiers data, 13 earthquakes of 1900 to 7.5 or more have been recorded, along with the dew of South Solomon, a region of Pacific including PNG.

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