Actress, singer and animal worker Doris Day died at the age of 97.

Actress, singer and animal worker Doris Day died at the age of 97.
Whether made by God or dyed with clerol, not all Hollywood whites are equal.

Take the blast of the 50s and 60s only. Marilyn Monroe was Alfa Devi, while Grace Kelly was a Class Act. The well-made vampire Kim Novak, the tourists Jayne Mansfield and Trap Mammy Van Doran were.

But on a more accessible perch was the current Doris Day. Her beauty brand was sprinkled with fries. He was one of us and we used to love him for him. And we will remember him even more for him, now that the versatile singer, actress, television star, animal worker and bright icon of sunshine and bright femininity died at the start of 97 at his home in Carmel, California on Monday.

Doris Day Animal Foundation said in an e-mail to the Associated Press, "Day had excellent physical health for his age, recently he contracted a serious pneumonia case, which led to his death."

The foundation said that he was surrounded by close friends at the time of his death.

Although he left the show for years, Doris's cult remained loyal. The day is a pop concert, and not only for his fantastic career as a great band singer, or for specific songs like "Qi Sera, Serra" and "Secret Love". He has been referred to in many songs, from "Beat It's" by Dham "Wake Me Up Before Go Go Go".

His enduring friendship with Rock Hudson, especially during the '80s, while dealing with the effects of AIDS, his position among gay fans increased.

However, Google may need some names for their name, because De had made his last film, the 1968 family comedy "When Six You Get Eigharol" when he was only 44 years old. And, with the most intimate desire of privacy, he stopped. After her popular television series "The Doris Day Show" in 1973 as an actress, she completed her five-year career.

His retirement made Hollywood a little weak, but Dey had a good experience of feeling that his appeal could not maintain his superb appeal for sexual etiquette and social work in the Vietnam era seismic changes.

Still, no actress can be equal to the power of day to day, because she became the first woman to run at the box office after Shirley Temple, a reign that ran between 1955 and 1965. As the 1960's "Midnight Lace" But it is possible that their most lasting heritage is their sexual comedy: "Teachers' Stomach", "Pillo Talk", "Lover Come Back", "The Touch of Mink", "Move Over, Darling", Who faced him with such formidable plates. Such as Carrie Grant, James Garner, Clark Gable and most memorable, Hunky Hudson.

As an ambitious career girl who had wrapped in gifts in designer suits with the perfect accessories, the actress always became a symbol of the status of a pre-release woman, never rude, but her own Not ready to throw the belt.

Adjustment changed, but rarely the original condition: she wanted to go to bed, she wanted to get married, and the audience was duly induced when De and her hero had double meaning from one side to the other side like a small badminton bird. Batting. An example of the 1959 "pillow talk" dialogue, which starred with Hudson and gave his only Oscar nomination to Day:

Hudson: "Look, I do not know what's troubling you, but do not worry about the problems in your room."

Day: "I have no problem in the room. There is nothing in my room that bothers me. "

Hudson (satirizing): "Ohhh, it's so bad."

However, during the day, sex was shown in her sexual comedy. His careless attitude and lively personality which also shone in the music of Warner Bros. of the second half of the 1950s, such as "Lloyd of Broadway" and "By the Light of the Silver Silver" denied a wrong record with men. It included his father, who left his mother when he was 11 years old.

Dey married Trombonist Al Jordan in 1941, at the age of 17, for the first time, who defeated him and the father died with his son and the only child, music producer Terry Melcher, who died of cancer in 2004. was. In 1946, he married a Saxophonist, George Waddler, who was annoyed with his growing fame as a singer. Marty Melcher, who adopted Terry, became her third husband and manager in 1951. When he died in 1968, it was discovered that he had ruined his nearly $ 20 million worth of money. He got out of debt and then sued a financial adviser to get back the money. His last marriage was short for the literary barry comedian ended in 1982.

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