AEW double or nothing: watch Dean Ambrose, also known as Jon Moxley's promotional surprise debut (VIDEO)

AEW double or nothing: watch Dean Ambrose, also known as Jon Moxley's promotional surprise debut (VIDEO)
The rumors were true. Jon Moxley's WWE contract, aka Dean Ambrose, really ended, and his farewell was not a job. On Saturday night, in the first pay-per-view program of All-Elite Wrestling, Double or Nothing, Moxley appeared in his new (but old) trick, and did this ...
Moxley's arrival came at the end of DON's main event that saw Chris Jericho defeat Kenny Omega in an epic match. It was not the best match of the night (but you can see it for more information about that), but it was still strong. Obviously, Moxley's appearance and his cruel influence made him more entertaining.

Jericho executed his new finisher, the Judas Effect on Omega to ensure the pinfall clean. Afterward, he took the microphone and launched his typical star promotion in the ring. He made fun of the fans and credited himself for the initial buzz of AEW, which included a lot of sellers at the MGM Grand, the TV deal with Turner and more.

Moxley would interrupt him. He made his way through the crowd (The WWW as a member of The Shield). He wore a vest with the word "MOX" on the back, and his person was slightly different than what we have been accustomed to in the last five years. 

It was a change for the better, and its brutality during the short but shocking scene was appropriate. He looks like a man who had broken away from the chains of an organization that had stifled his creative energy, and the liberation was very rewarding.

The arrival of Moxley and his participation in AEW is the last victory for the professional wrestling organization. Double or nothing. It had a relatively slow start, but unlike some WWE pay per view, it did not peak at a strange time, and it did not mean that the event along the ebbs and flows persisted.

Once Moxley knocked Jericho down with Dirty Deeds, he did not. He also took the referee and omega. The scrap with Omega climbed the ramp and resulted in Moxley hitting Dirty Deeds in a pile of giant poker chips. To end the night, Moxley launched Omega from stacked poker chips to an unknown flat surface. The final shot when the event faded from Moxley staying triumphant over the poker chips.
Because Moxley attacked Jericho and Omega, he expected the former to get involved in the biggest fight in the organization, and perhaps in the title picture for the newly revealed AEW World title. Clearly, he has landed in a place that gives him more space to shine as an artist. 

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