After Mate Gala, after the party, Bela Hadid showed her diaphragm in a graphic print of two pieces.

After Mate Gala, after the party, Bela Hadid showed her diaphragm in a graphic print of two pieces.
That evening, the glamor of black dress dresses in the evening.

But Bela Hadid changed it when he reached Met Gala after the party, with a two-piece graphic print, which was a long way from New York's dazzling statement earlier on Monday night.

The model, 22 years old, looked just as effective in cooperative societies with appearances, which showed the heart of a dagger print in front of the word "Gothic style" and "forever".

The two shape-fitting pieces showed a flash of Bella's incredibly toned abs, which he combined with Lace with a pair of plexiglass heels.

Star added the party look to the glittering chain necklace and a pair of hook earrings, while a pair of elegant black tone.

Bela was worn in a black quilt clutch with a silver chain description because she reached the party full of stars.

Although they usually wear long, elegant varieties, Bella has put a brad style on a tight, trimmed bob using a palette of neutral-toned makeup.

In the evening, Bela, who is currently dating The Weekend, spends on the red carpet with her elder sister Gigi, 24, wearing white and black clothes.

Model number eight in which Bella was dressed in black from head to toe, from his new dark court to his clothes were tied with ornaments.

Mohammed and Yolanda Hadid's daughter were looking great in an elegant black dress with ornaments and there was a series of bracelets that went on the right hand with ornaments. Emerald drop earrings complete the look.

Met Gala is the annual fundraiser for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is the brightest and most exclusive event of the New York Fashion Calendar.

It is famous for attracting the stage for a night of Hollywood, fashion, music, sports, television and fashion and charity on the occasion of the museum's spring exhibition.

This year, exhibitions and festivals are devoted to the idea of ​​'cantonment', as defined in Susan Sontag's Essay, Notes on 'Camp' in 1964.

Met Gala, who is formally known as Costume Institute Benefit, is always headed by a team of high voltage celebrities, and this year is no exception.

This program is chaired by Pop Star and current actress Lady Gaga, tennis player Serena Williams and singer Harry Stiles, as well as Gucci designer Alessandro Mitchell and, as usual, the editor of Vogue Anna Winton.

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