After rejecting tax increase by voters, many teachers will get notice of dismissal in Coventry

After rejecting tax increase by voters, many teachers will get notice of dismissal in Coventry
COVENTRY, R.I., (WJAR) - Coventry voters will have another chance to vote on the city's budget after rejecting the spending plan last week.

Schools next year requested a city increase of 3.2 percent more, $ 1.5 million.

A budget of $ 1.2 million was requested in the municipal budget prepared by the city council.

The voters participated in a full-day referendum on May 16 and demolished nearly 2-1 plans.

Ed Wajeccha, which NBC 10 News said, "There will be a reduction in services, there is no other way to avoid it, if we end up with the increase of zero, the deduction will be reduced, we have no other option " on Tuesday

School superintendent Craig Lewis is even more pessimistic.

"I think the result of voters' decision will be disastrous for the school department," said Lewis.

He is sending the dismissal notice to most teachers of the district as there is a time limit for the dismissal on June 1.

"There is no place to bite back there," he said. "Last year, we cut 21.6 points and cut $ 1.4 million."

She is reportedly considering double sessions in high school, in which the students participate only half day and take only the necessary courses.

This is the first year that Coventry participates in a referendum on spending plans.

In the past, only extraordinary increases require voter approval.

City leaders hope that more than 8 percent of the voters who voted last week voted to join the second vote.

"It's just an angry reaction, I think, of the community," said Lewis. "I do not know that it is for the purpose of schools, guided in the city, the conclusion is that the results for the city will be disastrous."

Warzecha shared similar feelings.

"I do not even want to pay more in taxes," said Warzecha. "I mean, I do not like the increase every year, but the cost increases, things increase, we are forced to deal with them, we have to pay."

The Town Hall will listen to the public and will try to keep a new proposal at the annex of Town Hall at 6.00 in the evening on Wednesday.

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