Arnold Schwarzenegger hardly kicked in the back: "kill a rhinoceros-like a mosquito"

Arnold Schwarzenegger hardly kicked in the back: "kill a rhinoceros-like a mosquito"
A shocking video showing Arnold Schwarzenegger kicking in the back became viral on Saturday, later star tweeted new images taken from a different angle, making it difficult to see them in the moment of effect.

In the new video, California's 71-year-old former Republican governor is more surprised than anything else, because the security personnel runs away to subdue the suspect. Schwarzenegger laughed at this attack, which took place in his Arnold Classic Africa program in South Africa.

Schwarzenegger wrote on Twitter, "I'm glad that the stupid did not interrupt my snapcat."

The first video of the attack which hit the social network, it seems that the star of "Terminator" could have been seriously injured because it disappeared from the camera scene after kicking. But the new video from a different angle, which Schwarzenegger posted on his Twitter page, shows the former bodybuilder walking barely.

"I thought I was pushed by the crowd," he wrote.

Schwarzenegger wrote that he published another video because it shows suspicious only for a short while, while the first video shows suspicious more time. The actor wrote that he does not want the attacker to be "famous".

"And if you have to share the video (I think), then choose a blurry without screaming so that it does not attract attention," he wrote. "By the way ... block or load," he joked.

Schwarzenegger tried to focus on Arnold Sports athletes when he was present in South Africa.

"We have 90 games in @ArnoldSports in South Africa, and there are 24,000 athletes of all ages and abilities that inspire us to get up from the couch. Let's focus on them."

Actor Mario Lopez has given some love to Schwarzenegger on Twitter after watching the post.

"An idiot tried to throw a 71-year-old kick, @Schwarzenegger, like killing mosquitoes on a rhino, it did not bother my boy too ... # Legend."

The assailant was taken quickly by security.

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