Bubonic outbreak: US and European tourists are still stuck in infected areas

Bubonic outbreak: US and European tourists are still stuck in infected areas
On Friday I told him that "Mongolian officials [confirmed] confirmed the death of a husband and wife in the district of Uldi in the western district of the country," a spokesman for the district emergency management said, "Preliminary results indicate that Bubonic Two people are likely to die from the outbreak "

On Saturday it was confirmed that the western region was still abandoned and they were prevented from traveling with the tourists from America, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany. According to the Siberian Times, "Dozens of tourists around the world should make changes to their holiday plans, and are now waiting to hear when they should be allowed to leave the city [ULG]."

The tourists were stranded, though local health officials insisted that "they did not think that the situation with the outbreak was very important or close to the epidemic. But there was no time limit for quarantine, the most serious, 21 days till.

In Ugali, more than 150 people who came in contact with a deceased friend were 'kept under surveillance'. After eating guinea pig kidneys, a 38-year-old man and his 37-year-old wife fell sick. The person died on April 27 and his wife died three days later. They left four children.

Photographs published on Friday showed that emergency responders boarded the airplane leaving the affected area for the country's capital. Neighboring Russian neighbors are also called "High Alerts".

Siberian Times said, "With a large group of travelers traveling from America, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, and Germany, Russia surrounded the officials eager to leave the city."

"Do you think the plague is anything from Dark Age?" Written to a passenger stranded on the border. "We too !! We were about to leave for Mongolia only to go ahead, but all the city's exits were closed and we were not allowed to leave. The half of the city was closed due to some contaminated merm plague It's very real! "

Can cause adversity in one day, although usually, it takes more time. This disease can be treated with antibiotics, in those areas, the dead animals cannot be touched by touching (or not clearly consuming), where the outbreak is present. Without treatment, this outbreak killed the infected people for 10 days within ten days. With treatment, the percentage of mortality decreases by about 10%. WHO reports that out of the 3,248 cases recorded between 2010 and 2015, 584 were deaths.

In China in 2014, 30,000 people were closed in their neighborhood or left when a person was killed in a Bubonic plague in Yemen city of China. Again, the contaminated guinea pigs are blamed for infection in contact. In the US, after treating a child last year in Idaho, a health department spokesman said that "the outbreak has historically been found in wildlife in [Idaho and Oregon] - since 1990, eight in Oregon Human cases were confirmed and two were confirmed by Idaho. "

No more death or infection has been reported in Mongolia. "We talked to the local police, from the local government," one of the tourists stranded in their hotel said, "But they did not allow us to leave." Some tourists, who hope to get the latest information on the length of their long journey on Monday, post online photos, eat together to maximize their journey.

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