Canello Alvarez won a unanimous decision on Daniel Jacobs

Canello Alvarez won a unanimous decision on Daniel Jacobs
Canello Alvarez tried to take out a boxer. He does this, and in the end, is not even subject to significant size loss.

Alvarez of Mexico added Saturday the third middle-class belt in his collection in T-Mobile Arena, defeating Brooklyn's Daniel Jacobs with a score of 115-113, 115-113 and 116-112.

Alvarez (52-1-2) was very quick to pile up the opening round, by taking a pre-mid-sized belt from former Jacobs International Boxing. After Jacobs, whose weight was probably over 20 pounds, answered, Alvarez did not do with a big man and leaned on a strong shortcut and strength to stop the show.

Jackbus was fined $ 1 million on Saturday morning to pay Alvarez after weighing 173.6 pounds, when the contracted weight limit on war day was 170-10 pounds outside the intermediate range.

On the contrary, Jacobs reinforced that boundary, hit a wallet that would be in the $ 12 million limit, while Alvarez grew to $ 36 million.

The pair started slowly by stabbing Jacobs (35-3) and Alvarez targeted the body. Alvarez accelerated his work in seconds, supporting Jacob with his right hand, cutting the jawbone of Jacobs and closing it with one stroke and gave Jacob a painful jerk.

There are already World Boxing Council and World Boxing Asses. Belt, Alvarez continued to press and then displayed all the repairs that he had accelerated in the fourth year in the fourth year, Jacobs' punch, while working in the body and working Jacob's punch, in the clutch with him Tucked up.

Jacob continued to find the answer, and instead absorbed the damage to the body and hit a blow, which failed to find Alveive Alvarez.

In the sixth, Jacob got a breakthrough piece by turning a left-hand position with a clean combination. Their success continued with a hard hit landing on the head and combining with a rope supported Alvarez to the seventh.

The action increased in the eighth when Alvarez escaped from the pressure of Jacobs, and Jacobs asked to fight, Alvarez received an unwanted response directly from the hit on his head.

Jacobs jumped back to the ninth place by playing Alvarez with his left hand in a row on the head, and after Alvarez took a breath, Jacobs kept his activities at number 10.

But Alvarez turned into a challenging mode, and to satisfy his vocal fan base Jacobs gave a satisfactory final blow and shock, which was coined and celebrated by Sinko de Mayo.

Decision: It is 115-113 with two judges and 116-112 for the third canallo Alvarez

Twelfth Round: A wild hook by Jacobs and he fell slipping. There is no knockout. REF seeks towel to dry wet place Good for Canello and you can say that both the fighters will leave it there. Canella landed on the good left. Good exchange in the middle of the ring. Canelona won the nearest round. It will be close.

LA Times Card: Canello 10-9. 115-113 Canello

Eleventh round: After the slow start of Canono by Canelona, ​​Canelo returned Jacobs to the round. There is no such fighter who looks tired at this time. A good exchange near the corner for both the fighters. So far a very close round. Jacobs worked on the body and pushed Canela back into the corner. Jackbus recently gave up all his strengths and Canelo still left him behind. Jacobs took one closer.

LA Times Card: Jacob 10-9. 105-104 leads Canello

Tenth round: While returning to Canole's rope, Jacobs lowered some shots, but he succeeded in doing this. Good work here by Jacobs It seems another closure decision for the judges. The crowd tried to insist on Canelona and he fired well on the body. Jacobs threw a combination again and forced Canelo back on the ropes. Jacobs looks strong and the Canello gets tired of the first side. Another good for Jacobs.

La Times Card: 10-9 Jacobs. 96-94 leads Canello

Ninth Round: There was not much action at the beginning of the ninth round because both fighters could have been a little tele from the last round. Many big people were left by Jacobs and I do not know how Canelo took it. Canello shows its real chin. Jacobs added Canelo with a jab and it was probably the most obvious period for Jacobs. The fight is getting tough.

LA Times Card: Jacob 10-9. 87-84 goes to Canal

Eighth Round: Good work for the body by Jacobs at the beginning of the round. In this period, Jacob looks a bit more aggressive. They supported the Canal to the ropes, but they were dodge and they beat The best action and crowd is still on the battle since

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