CBS News has made Gail King 'Morning' when Nora O'Donnell changes 'Night News'

CBS News has made Gail King 'Morning' when Nora O'Donnell changes 'Night News'
Nora O'Donnell and John Dickerson officially said "CBS This March," as part of a series of major changes on CBS News on Monday.

O'Donnell, who was hosting the broadcast since 2012, was replaced by Jeff Glor as the host and executive editor on "CBS Evening News". Apart from this, it will serve as the main anchor for political events and will contribute to "60 minutes", CBS News said.

"CBS Evening News with Nora O'Donnell" will start the summer in New York before this fall in Washington.

"Gayle King," CBS This Morning "Jeff Glor, as we all know that there are excellent journalists and trusted partners, they refer to their report" Winner Award "on Monday. Conversation, you should know, CBS News With the release), we all hope that he will continue to work here, this will be a decision. "

"I think about heritage, I have thought about the history of CBS News and accepting this post is very simple," O Donell, who is the former Anchor Katie property of ABC Dior Sawyer and CBS, network news broadcast The third woman will be an anchor. Curtick "I am investigating some things said by Walter Kronakite, and he said," I can not imagine being successful in someone's life because they have everything. That's why I have everything. "

Dickerson has been tapped for "60 Minutes" and he will also have a role in special elections.

He told the audience that the growing child was watching the "Play everywhere" news program.

Anthony Mason, a senior national correspondent and experienced CBS, and another correspondent, Tony Doppel, started it on May 20 with the King's morning program. Raja has renewed his contract in negotiating top priority with the network. The New York Post reports that its salary doubled to at least $ 11 million per year.

Anchor Transformation marked the first major step by CBS News President Susan Zirinsky, who became CBS News's first female president in March. (Fourth "Morning" anchor, Biola Golliga was freed from its duties in April after using the six-month service and using the option to leave the network).

Their aim was to reverse the broadcast of CBS's "Evening News" and "This Morning" basement, which was the third place for years for NBC and ABC, even when CBS had included them in the overall primetime audience. After the latest changes, the rankings were dropped for two broadcasts: Charlie Rose left in 2017 after allegations of sexual abuse from "Morning", and Nominated Glow in 2017 to replace Scott Palli.

Mason, an old CBS reporter, anchored the Saturday edition of "CBS This March" and Docpill joined the network as a reporter in 2016. In Sunday's political program "Dick Nation", former Washington correspondent and former anchor, "Face the Nation" joined. With "60" King Oprah Winfrey's friend, he resigned as a contributor to the program.

On Monday, the king prepared a script for this assumption that he wanted to get rid of O'Donnell.

"It's wonderful to me, Nora, that after seven years people will say that you and me have beef," the king said. "I do not have beef with you, you do not need beef with me."

King said that when Jirinsky took over, he warned that there would be a change.

"This is a business about ranking and when rankings do not work, they make changes," the king said, "and for this reason, they are making changes that they hope they will do better."

Repeating that there was no dispute between the two, O'Donnell shared that the King "BFF was successful."

O'Donnell said to them, "You look better in every work I do."

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