Deontay Wilder removes Dominic Brezial in the first round with a massive KO (video)

Deontay Wilder removes Dominic Brezial in the first round with a massive KO (video)
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POSTFIGHT: Anthony Joshua defeated Dominique Brezial in the seventh round three years ago. Deontay Wilder did the first round. And it was ridiculously impressive.
After the fight, Wilder said, "Tonight everything came out to me." Despite all the evil (and death threatening he gave to Brezell) on the battle path, Wilder said that after fighting he told Brazill that he loved him and wanted to see him with his family at home.

He said that for the first time when he hit Brezell in the first round, his body language changed. In the bad news, Wilder said that during the fight, his left hand was numbed and he apparently got injured. 
Of course, it is not impossible to ask Wilder about the potential fight with Holder. "There will be big fights, I promise," Wilder said.

First round: Both are throwing jabs and nothing is happening. Well was left on the body by Wilder. Try for the right, but Breazeale blocks it with its gloves. But Wilder Bomb is definitely throwing. Bigger and right now Brejel is hurt. Supported in Koror, and Brazely gets a great authority and supports Wilder. Both of them have already become frustrated. The big right and the brazing collapses. Try to get up and do not exceed the count. It is finished.

Do not Wilder Ring Walk: Before Wilder appears, these dancers who do double or triple articulation are doing crazy things with their elbows and shoulders. One of my friends said that he could be among America's most talented people. I do not know now, Wilder, dressed in the ring, looks like a combination of catch equipment and battle armor. It seems quite scary. 

Dominic Brazley Ring Walk: he is walking towards the ring with a scowl on his face. It seems that she is serious. Oh, now she's dancing a bit. She looks a bit more relaxed. I do not know, maybe it does not make any sense.


Gary Russell Jr. (29-1, 17 KOs) TKO5 Kiko Martinez (39-8-2, 28 KOs): Russell could only fight once a year, but man, every time he is out he feels very good is. Martinez fought a brave fight but overtook Russell, who used to defend his winged belt and connect his 40% power shots. Russell opened an unpleasant cut on the left eye of Martinez, and only a few seconds remaining in the fifth round, the ring doctor recommended the referee to stop the fight. After the fight, Russell wore a shirt that said he wanted Leo Santa Cruz and had called the first boxing champion Al Hémon. This will be a fantastic 126-pound battle.
Gary Antuaye Russell TKO 4 on Marcos Mozilla: Russell is a junior welterweight prospect, now with a record of 8-0 with eight knockouts. He is one of the younger brothers of Gary Russell Jr. Gary Antoine Russell had some good moments in the 16-3-2 battle against Moizica and finally finished him in the fourth round. 
If we can not get Denite Wilder against Anthony Joshua in the immediate future, Denite Wilder is not a bad consolation award for Saturday night showtime against Dominique Braxellay. Breazeale is a solid boxer with a good boxer, and although in 2016 he was eliminated by Joshua, Breazeale did a good job to revive his career.

Yes, Wilder is a great favorite to maintain his heavyweight title, but Brezel has enough talent for not having a walkover for Wilder in the ring. It can not be a great confrontation on paper, but, still, it should be a fun fight.

Showtime Sports President Stephen Espinoza said, "You have 6 foot-7 heavyweight with a 90% playoff ratio, so you do not really have to sell too much."

Do not Wilder vs Dominic Breakage Barriers

According to hope, Wilder is a healthy favorite. That's -1000, which means that you have to bet $ 1,000 to win $ 100 Meanwhile, there is a loss of Breazeale +600, which means that if you only bet $ 100 then you will get a reward of $ 600.

Here are all the excerpts of televised fights on the card.

Don't Wilder (-1000) against Domont Breziele (+600)
Gary Russell Jr. (-10000) against Kiko Martínez (+1600)
Juan Heraldes (-450) vs. Argene Mendez (+300)
Dominant Wilder vs. Dominic Breckel Predictions

My prediction: I will not take that +600 in Brazil and expect to be the best. But I think Wilder is going to blast him. I'm sure the welder wants to take out Breilez before the seventh round, while Joshua sent it three years ago. I will go with Wilder in the fourth round with knockout.

Either way, Forbes will be here in the night, providing informal ideas, explanations and scoring on the Showtime cards of three matches. 

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