Dionne Warwick says that Beyoncé is not an icon yet: 'This is a long road' - hailnewsup

Dionne Warwick says that Beyoncé is not an icon yet: 'This is a long road' - hailnewsup
Warwick told Bayonne in an interview with Essen, "It's amazing for them to see that their growth has been refreshed."

Dionne Warwick does not think Beyoncé is an icon, at the moment!

During a recent interview with Essence, Warwick, 78, the "training" singer was excited about 37 but questioned whether his career would reach the level of success, which was "classic" of the sixties. The musicians have.

"I have an appreciation for the Boise Knowles, Carter has been quite refreshed by seeing her growth, it's wonderful to see how she can make it, who else she wanted to be and who she is ... let me But I'm really proud, I'm really, "she said. Essen Warwick, who released his new album, Sheez Beck earlier this month.

"Now, keep and become a great icon, which is Gladys Knight, or Pete Label, or Johnny Mathies, or Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr.? I doubt," Warwick said.

she continued: "And I love her death and I can appreciate her talent, but she is a prestigious state. It's a long way forward [further]."

A representative of Beyoncé did not respond promptly to PEOPLE's request for comments.

"I do not know that in 10 years, someone can sing our children today, as you say," pouring a shadow, "she is watching it with reality," Warwick told Essex.

However, Warwick is influenced by this genius.

"Young people are doing it," Warwick told the publication.

Born in New Jersey, Warwick started his career at just 19 years of age. By 1964, she had two main singles: "Anyone with heart had" and "Walk on Bay", both were written by Burt Bachrach and Hal David.

Later, in 1966 she continued to release his version of the hit "Michael to Michael" and "I'm A Little Prayer".

In 1968, Warwick "Do you know the path of San Jose?" Won the Grammy Award for

Despite receiving the highest honor in music, Warwick says that she is still not mad about the song, which Birchach and David also wrote.

", I did not want to sing or record" San Jose "," Warwick first told PEOPLE. "It was not one of my favorite songs, which David wrote, I could not imagine writing a letter recently, in which" she, she, she, she, who are ... "

"I said," How can you be? " "she connects with laughter." I sang it because of the affinity for the song and I cried in the bank. What can I tell you? "

As a collaborator of Warwick, Bacharach and David, along with their great number of beloved albums became classics and made Warwick a star. One of the most recognizable voices in the world still recognizes with them, no one else has sung them.

"They are definitely my songs," she said. "With the crowd of other people who sing those songs, they still know who is this song."

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