DJ Khaled paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle

DJ Khaled paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle
DJ Khalid is honoring the memory of Nixi Hussele for his specialty of "Higher," Late Rapper and John Legend in his new music video.

The music video was released on Thursday night and tribute was given to the killer artist at the beginning of a powerful video with a title card, in which "A Memoria Amorosa de Nixi Hustle" was read and a second tribute to "At the end of the song" was called "Paradise" "

One day after the announcement by Khalid, the video shows that each of his next singles will have two children of Hasele: 10-year-old daughter, Imani and 2-year-old son, to Cross.

The artist recently wrote in a statement on Instagram, "Recently, I started a journey of searching on such a route, which I never thought would travel in a million years." At the age of 33 in Los Angeles in front of his clothing store, he shot and killed in March.

"It started when a tragedy looted the world of an enlightened soul, a brother, a father, a companion and my friend, Nippi Hustle," Khalid explained. "Only a few days ago, he shared his energy and positivity with me on a video set for a song called 'Higher'."

"After much prayer and reflection, and with all the blessings of the Aghori family, I am sharing that moment with the world," he continued. "The very title of the song reminds us that vibrations at the 'high' level were the essence of Nixi's soul."

"It is in this spirit that in order to continue, to maintain our mission, I, my co-writer, producer and label partner, donate 100% of all our 'Higher' profits to Nixi, Imani, and Cross children. They are. " Added Khalid, Ending the message with a sense of humor that laughs and becomes the synonym for preserving the heritage of their mission: "Marathon is in progress."

Legend, who also collaborated on the single, tweeted immediately after shooting a smile on a single video, and how death "completely shocked" him.

The new song, "Higher," appears on Khalid's new album, Father of Assad, which was released on Friday 17th May.

For more information about Hussein's life, see the video below, his legacy and outline of love and tribute after his death.

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