Do you remember the new coke? It's coming back. NetFlix Defect

Do you remember the new coke? It's coming back. NetFlix Defect
New Coke, soft drink, which incited a reaction across the country in 1985, has returned. And the biggest craze for Coca-Cola's credit goes to Netflix.

As part of a strong publicity campaign related to the forthcoming season of the supernatural thriller "Stranger Things", established in the 1980s, limited supply of vintage drinks is available from Thursday.

Netflix, which has 149 million subscribers worldwide, is starting to increase its corporate partnership and marketing agreements. The strategy gives the streaming service a way to market their products and generate a new revenue stream, which does not include ads interrupting their shows. Unlike its rival Hulu, Netflix is ​​a free commercial but includes the appointment of products, sometimes paid, sometimes not in their series and movies.

New Coke's resurgence comes in large part as part of marketing efforts, which are usually associated with Summer Blockbusters. Netflix said that it had partnered with around 75 companies including Basin-Robins, Levi and H & M Group to attract attention to "Strange Things".

Matt and Ross Duffer, the creator of the program, said that the new Coke link will naturally emerge, since the next season, will be available on July 4, in the summer of 1985. Only then was Coca-Cola Company defending herself with unexpected negative feedback for the sweetest and sweet version of her flagship drink, a reaction that included boycott, letter sending campaign and thousands of phone calls to her Atlanta headquarters.

In a joint e-mail interview, the Duffer brothers who appeared in the credit said, "The new Coca will always play a role in this season." "This idea of ​​Season 3 was one of the first thoughts in brainstorming. It was the summer of '85, and when you talk about the moments of pop culture, New Coke was really important. It would be strange. "

Duffers, 35-year-old twins said that Netflix had proposed the new Coke connection for the first time, but they must have felt it themselves, however, without realizing it. Barry Smith, the director of partner marketing at Netflix, said that this idea first appeared during a program in 2017 and during the meeting between Netflix officials.

"We asked the question, 'what will this actually get from the water for this campaign?' "Sir remembered." He joked: "Bring the new coke." They thought it was a joke, we took it in a short form. "

Although the Coca-Cola officials have admitted that New Coke was a disaster, he said yes to the proposal. The company had to dig a recipe for its files and said that it could put 500,000 boxes of new coke available on its website and in some vending machines.

The association with the rarity of consumer culture of the 1980s is the hallmark of a program that Reagan is known for being apathetic among older viewers over the years. Even his visual language is credited as "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and other movies of the '80s.

There is also the influence of Stephen King on the story and mood of the series, who has defended the practice including the brand names in his novels, and the aspect of the show's title sequence inspired by King's Pocket Books was almost inevitable during this decade.

Many of the "strange things" in Sahara also remember the time. A young protagonist of this takes a notebook of the trapper keeper to reflect the position of the corridors of the school; Another character is Hem-Man's action figure, a popular toy of the 80s, in his room. Toto's "Africa" ​​and "I Should Stay or Should I Go" The soundtrack's findings retard the mood of retreat.

In another agreement to represent retro appeals of the program, H & M will offer a line of T-shirts, swimsuits, wizards and flip flops in the style of the '80s. Some "strange things" are marked with the logo; Others copy the clothes worn by the characters in the show. There will be an advertising campaign with the collection, with Dakrey Montgomery, who plays the role of villain Billy Hargrove in the show.

The Basque-Robbins tie will probably introduce new flavors, which, in addition to other things, refers to the ice cream shop that appears on the show, Scoops Ahoi. Dave Nagel, the company's chief director for consumer participation, said, "I have been with Baskin for 15 years and it is by far the biggest partnership."

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