Emergency teams looking for homes, assessment of damage around Lawrence

Emergency teams looking for homes, assessment of damage around Lawrence
Emergency officials say that rescue teams are rescuing people stranded in houses destroyed by the tornado from the southern edge of Lawrence. At 9:30 a.m., the first respondents continued to move from house to house to ensure that everyone was in charge.

Janice Early, a spokesman for the Lawrence Memorial Hospital, told 13 News that she had 12 patients related to the cyclone, most of whom were minor. Some people's bones broke down while others were injured during the storm and others were injured. One person was taken for surgery, but his injuries were not considered a threat to life.

Douglas Company Emergency Mgt Assistant Director Jillian Rodrigue told 13 NEWS that the biggest widespread damage on the road. 59, north of Lawrence and in the north of the pleasant grove. Many houses were destroyed in that area and KDOT stopped the road due to a truck and debris.

Douglas Emergency Management said late on Tuesday that it would be hasty to say how they would handle cleanup efforts on Wednesday and whether they would limit access to damaged areas.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said, "We can use your help, friends of DG cum," the tweet said, "There are many of our homes in the entire county that have been damaged and the debris is scattered. Please help us. Help the needy. Stay away from these areas, we want you to see what happened, but first let us help others.

From there, Rodrigo said that the tornado turned to the Northeast and followed a path along with the southern edge of Lawrence, usually with the Varkala river, and towards Eudora. He said that many people were among the casualties in many homes and emergency teams rescued people from those houses on Tuesday night.

American Red Cross established a shelter for anyone who needs a place to live in Building 21 in Douglas Company Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper Street. They will allow pets at that place.

The agency originally planned to open a shelter of The First Church of the Nazarene in Lawrence, but lost power and is currently looking for a new site.

Emergency officials continued to receive official reports of damage to Eudora. A photojournalist at the scene of 13 NEWS saw that the pillars of electricity broke down and several houses were damaged.

Rodrig said that officials need to stay away from damaged areas so that emergency personnel can do their job. He said that the best way for people to help their family and friends is to continue to get information about the services they need. He said that the Red Cross was working to make shelters for those people who needed a place to live.

The Lawrence Police informed the emergency operation center that there is no damage to the KU premises, just when the storm passes, there is some slight flooding in the road.

Wester Energy reported more than 5600 people in the Lawrence area and another 5800 people between Lawrence and Kansas City without electricity.

They are warning people about power lines in Kansas City Power and Light areas. They urge everyone who sees that the lines are active and report them on 911 and then:

Vaster: 1-800-544-4857, or
KCP & L: 1-888-5444852