Experts say that more work is needed in AI

Experts say that more work is needed in AI
China has published most research articles on artificial intelligence around the world, while American AI research is most effective, a report on the AI ​​development published in Shanghai on Friday has been stated.

From 2013 to 2018, more than 300,000 articles were published on artificial intelligence around the world, out of which 74,000 Chinese researchers and 52,000 were published by their EE counterparts. The US, and USA UU. Companies and funds said in the report that there is a lack of basic theoretical research in China.

The report was compiled by the AI ​​Research Center for Development, which was established last year by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

"China and the United States are two main pillars of the global AI research network, and AI research has helped more and more cooperation between the two countries: the relationship between them is the strongest," said Li Shikown, Deputy Director, from the Center. "But more and more countries have felt the importance of artificial intelligence and have paid a lot of attention to this area."

According to the report, 12 countries announced their national AI strategies in 2018, which includes United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and 11 other countries are in the process of developing their national AI strategies.

The report says that the weakness of AI research in China lies in inadequate cooperation among universities and industries, while Israel and the United States are at the forefront in this regard.

"Artificial intelligence research in China is very limited within the universities, resulting in low rates of technology transfer from research to commercial products," said Lee.

Wang Yingchun, director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Development Research Center, said that technology has spread in the Yangtze River Delta.

"Wang teams said that technology teams from Shanghai universities start a business in Suzhou, Zhejiang province, and many things are happening now," Wang said.

"And in the integrated development of the field, there is a plan to create data infrastructures, such as cloud computing and data centers."

The report also examined the education of AI in China, which has begun at all levels. More than 30 universities have opened schools in IA, and 75 have established careers in interdisciplinary careers with AI or AI.

China's first high school textbook on AI was published last year by East China Normal University, and 40 high schools across the country have participated in a pilot program to teach their students AI.

The publication of the report was part of the Pujiang Innovation Forum, an important annual event in Shanghai for exchange of science and technology innovation between China and the rest of the world. Approximately 150 invited speakers from 23 countries and regions will give lectures on 16 different forums till Sunday this year.

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