'Game of Thrones,' Season 8, Episode 4: Denisers on Brink

'Game of Thrones,' Season 8, Episode 4: Denisers on Brink
Season 8, Episode 4, 'The Last of Starks'
There are many things to do in "Game of Thrones" on Sunday.

Biro, who fulfilled his long dream of gold in Kingsley, got rid of only with all his emotions.

Gandy showed his support for his new aristocrat, how little he knew to know Arya as his wife, and got answers from the prophecy. "It's not for me," he said, calling for the final chapters of this story for the last season. (Seriously, Garry? Do you think he had saved mankind last week so that he could organize a party at Storm End?)

Then there was Gray Worm, who had seen Misskdi, which he liked to lose his head in one of the show's most difficult shows. I knew that Nath would never have dreamed a few weeks before, but thinking (hopefully) was a gray worm that prevented it.

But this second major witness of heartbreaking is the most destructive effect in the world.

It would be the deniers, who not only lost their most trusted beliefs this week, but their Dragon Regal living after their wings were shot in the sky during the White Walker battle, which is an extraordinary symbol of Armando Eurone. (I think that when we were in Winterfell in the last two weeks, they were training in the Scorpion Range.)

This is a bad week for the Queen of Dragons, the last of a series of tragedies and humiliations, which began rudely when she started walking out with John and did not suggest many things to end the happy ending.

Sunday episode was opened, where we ended last week, where Danny cried for the dead zora, which was her second biggest belief. Long knights end, the sun rises - here is a mock in your "Battle of Winterfell Dark" - and pay homage to "the shield that protects the human world", when John gives a speech in a hero speech, Then it is better to describe a thin hero.

It's time to start treatment and concentrate once again when the show is played with the White Walker Clash, which we heard the last time in King's Landing. Soon there will be a war strategy, in which a glorified Routine Board will be included, but not that person - or anyone who can join the Detective-U-2 spy crow. Once the group of heroes will be destroyed, then Denny will get new pain and Tiera will make more wrong plans.

But for the first time in the '80s, the time has come for Winterfell to transform teenage comedy into a party. Tomand drank alcohol everywhere except his real mouth Play a tire and drinking game with Brian and Podrich. (Call Back Season 1. Other.) Attractive young women are liked by scholars. (Obviously, Torman and the Hound cannot be denied for misleading Yom Ends.) Everything - everything else - was destroyed. And, of course, everything ends up losing someone's virginity.

Thrones are a part of fans who want to share Bryan with Jayam, but I'm not among them. I understand the consequences of growing sex in the past few weeks - when you are ready to die, the desire to embrace life seems natural. And the God of light knows, Brienne is worthy of fun.

But there is some cliche and retrograde about this real thing, which requires the tilt of everyone's relationship with romance on the screen. Brienne and Jaime are interesting because they rely more on mutual praise, as some people can push you towards a better self. Throwing sex in a mixture is not always impure with those who came before, but make it less attractive.

It seems that it is over, which is strange for other reasons. Jaime has just begun to accept Tyrion's superior and high joke because the word Cersei has transformed it into a kind of Manchurian Candidate, which is the head of King's Landing.

"He hates, and me too," he said to the brother. I knew that for this show he had to make the last fight with his partner, but it felt very sudden.

Suddenly: the son disclosed the secret of John. After all the confessions of a few hours and all the rhetoric about "the last of the sticks", sticking together, they started the most explosive revelation in the world, which is known as the closest person to the tire revelation.

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