Gwendolin Christie can feel "one million heartbroken" after this week's Game of Thrones

Gwendolin Christie can feel "one million heartbroken" after this week's Game of Thrones
Fans of Game of Thrones ... Gwendolin Christie knows.

After "The Last of the Starks" it was really entertaining, raised it so high, then reduced it. He is a knight of seven kingdoms; He survived the Battle of Winterfell. He met Jim Lauster ... and then went south.

Christie concludes for Entertainment Weekly: "That game of thrones, is not it?" Well, when you think everything will be fine, you have to punch harder than before ... "

However, he keeps his head high. When this episode made sure to emphasize, even then he had something to do. "I like it not to be destroyed by it," said Christie. "He returned to work. Because she always loves to work - it seems fresh, a woman can be happy without friends. "

Work Stark protects girls, or at least those people still in Winterfell at the end of the episode.

In other words, they have an oath of protection.

But why is it now for Jaime and Brienne to wear it? "Physiology often leaves emotions and I feel that this happens - by working together, their locks open," Christie said referring to the Battle of Winterfell. Apart from this: "I like to provoke him." So he started jam pushing it and opening it and himself. It was his choice to do so, to get this choice again after being very strange during the drinking game.

I saw the whole process of thinking from different angles and thought that his writing here was very good. This is what actually makes a three-dimensional character. This gives them an agency to explore all the different elements in their life. She is not only a woman who can fight very well and she does not need anything else. She is a woman, she is a human, she fights brilliantly, she has a desire for friendship and erotic love too

And what about going? How was Kristi's reaction? "When I was very red, I was very upset and had to walk around." After watching Twitter, it seems that most fans agree with him, only to roam freely (anyway, anyway).

Will we see Brian walking or just give the best advice that can be done, whatever whichever one chooses, should wait for episode 5 and 6.

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