Hockey Night Podcast in Canada: Remembering the iconic goal of Bobby Orr

Hockey Night Podcast in Canada: Remembering the iconic goal of Bobby Orr
The final of the 2019 Stanley Cup between the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins is underway

The last time these two teams met in the Stanley Cup final was in 1970 and produced one of the most famous hockey goals. Bobby Orr scored the Stanley Cup goal in overtime while flying through the air thanks to a trip by Noel Picard.

In this week's edition of the Hickory podcast in Canada, we analyzed that iconic moment.

Terry Crisp played five seasons for the St. Louis Blues, including the 1970 Stanley Cup final. Crisp looks back on that series and where he was

Both Crisp and Orr are from Parry Sound, Ontario, so they are also tied forever to that goal.

See | Terry Crisp: 'I could have been posterized for life':

Host Rob Pizzo will join Scott Russell and Signa Butler of CBC Sports for a round table on the past of the other famous targets and the playoffs of some hot topics, including refereeing and replays.

The Hockey Night podcast in Canada is a weekly production of CBC Sports.

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