Hurricane, Oklahoma floods, weather prediction, storm system moves through the Midwest

Hurricane, Oklahoma floods, weather prediction, storm system moves through the Midwest
A powerful storm surgeon confirmed a storm near Tulsa International Airport on Tuesday morning after closing an interstate highway and giving indications of defending elsewhere in the state.

With the storm and damaging winds, more tornadoes were predicted, because the storm moved towards east. In Tulsa, the predictions confirmed a storm near the airport at around 6:30. There was no immediate report of damage or injury, but warnings of tornadoes were effective in many parts of the state.

Due to the storm, many flights canceled or delayed at Tulsa Airport.
With severe weather, storms brought a hurricane, causing the interstate 40 in Reno, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Oklahoma City, off the Oklahoma City of Oklahoma City. Tuesday high tide.

According to the National Weather Service, there were 5 inches of rain since Monday.

At Stilvator, the home of Oklahoma State University, emergency services saved people from their homes due to high tide.

Storm Prediction Center warned the unusually high risk of severe weather on Monday for parts of Oklahoma and Texas. On Monday night there was damage to many areas including Mangalam city, but no one has died.

18 cyclones float in 5 states
A whirlwind came in largely populated areas in homes and barns in Oklahoma on Monday, but no one was injured.

Preliminary reports show that according to the storm forecasting center, there were 18 whirlwinds in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arizona on Monday morning.

One afternoon, a tornado killed parts of Mangalam. Glenn Edwards, Director of Emergency Management for Greer County, said that the roofs of the houses were damaged and the agricultural barn of high school was destroyed. However, the cattle were saved.

"Swine is roaming about what happened to his house," he said.

The wild season will continue on Monday, which has caused a catastrophe in the region: Nearly 40 early whirlwinds have been recorded for the end of last week in Nebraska and Kansas, and severe weather continued on Saturdays.

Meteorologists say that in the event of severe weather, which damaged some homes and businesses in the San Angelo area on Saturday, four of the wind tornadoes of western Texas were destroyed, the National Weather Service said.

Looking forward to the future, the United States Center predicts for the remaining months of the month: "It seems that there is no end to this very active pattern of severe weather by the end of May," Accuweat Weather The Extreme Reed Timer, said the scientists.

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