Immediately after 3 dead in Southwest Missouri, Jefferson calls the city a 'violent storm'.

Three people died in southwestern Missouri on Wednesday night and there was widespread damage to the capital city.
Immediately after 3 dead in Southwest Missouri, Jefferson calls the city a 'violent storm'.
On Wednesday, a system of lethal storm spread through Missouri, causing at least three deaths in the southwestern part of the state and there is a possibility of a significant loss in the capital city.

Officials said before midnight a storm in the center of the state killed Jefferson City.

The National Service warned residents of "violent cyclone" and urged them to seek immediate shelter.

The National Weather Service issued a storm emergency for the Jefferson City area at 11:43 pm, and immediately after this, Science and Operations Officer Jim Seeking, in the St. Louis Office of Meteorological Services, said.

"It was a tornado, we saw the debris on the radar," he said. "In all accounts, he passed through the city of Jefferson City," he said.

He said that reports of injuries and people being stranded in the weather service have been reported but there is no report of death.

Mayor Carey Tergin said that some areas in and around the city had been badly damaged and the officials were assessing the situation.

The Missouri Department of Public Safety tweeted that in the state capital Jefferson City, "Highway 54 has suffered a lot with Alice Boulevard," including the Downward Power Lines.

He said that the first responders went from house to house.

"The best word to describe the loss is 'destructive'," he said in a telephone interview.

All firefighters were called for help, Jefferson City Fire Department said on Facebook.

"Please pray for our citizens," the department wrote.

City officials requested the assistance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, reporting to NBC affiliate Como of Colombia. He told that the Missouri Task Force 1 was involved in search and rescue efforts.

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Mike O'Connell said that on Wednesday night, three deaths were confirmed after an alleged cyclone in Burton County's Golden City. Golden City is a state located in the north-east about 40 miles from Joplin.

He said that several injuries were also received at Carl Junction, about 10 miles north of Joplin.

After a large and devastating tornado, the damage was seen in Joplin's north, which was destroyed by a storm eight years ago on Wednesday, in which 158 people were killed.

Doug Kramer, a meteorologist of the National Weather Service in Springfield, said that when the tornado was near the city, "we do not think there is any tornado damage in Joplin."

Kramer said that it was not clear that the alleged cyclone in Barton County was as it was in response to Joplin, but "we know it was linked to the same storm."

"If the tornado was on the ground or not at all times, we would not know that until we will not survey a loss tomorrow," the crawler said.

The plains and the Midwest are facing severe weather this week and the flood in Oklahoma is a major concern.

On Tuesday, Webers Falls, a city of nearly 600 people, was asked to remove the entire community from fear that the Arkansas river could flood, and on Wednesday the city sent an important message to the residents. After threatening to keep the markets untouched and hit the dam.

"The historic, deadly floods are now coming to the Arkansas River," said Emergency Management of Muskogee County. "Major floods in the city of Weber Falls are imminent."

An EMS spokeswoman for Tisia German, Muskogee County said, "Muskogee, located north of Weber Falls, is about two o'clock at about 10:20 on the Arkansas River. It was said that they were 30 feet long and 15 feet wide and were tied together.

The German said that the authorities were trying to assess the situation by wind to determine whether the vessels were floating in a field and trapped, or where they were before reaching a dam He said that if the dam on the dam reached, they could increase the flow of water or shut the doors or potentially break the dam.

Tornadoes occurred in Missouri when parts of the plains were hit by heavy weather, which included tornadoes and floods. This week's storm and its consequences were first attributed to at least two deaths.

A state highway patrol said that a woman died on Tuesday in Payne County, Oklahoma when she apparently lay down, she went from high water and crossed the water, and pulled her vehicle away from the road Gone and drowned in about 10 feet of water. incident report.

Earlier in Iowa, on Wednesday, a person was killed and another injured due to a tornado in the Adair area in the west of Des Moines.

The National Weather Service in Des Moines tweeted on Wednesday that the initial survey indicates that an EF-2 whirlwind occurred around 1:30 in the Adair area, with winds of around 120 to 130 miles per hour.

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