In game 4, the hijackers took advantage of the defensive error of the box

Milwaukee's acclaimed defense is nowhere because Toronto matches the eastern conference finals
In game 4, the hijackers took advantage of the defensive error of the box
Mike Badenholzer did not waste any time in his game 4 to identify the fatal failure of Milwaukee Bucks in Toronto on Tuesday, a loss that cuts the finals of the Eastern Conference for the three-mini mini-series.

"I think it's probably the first night on the defensive that I do not think we are close to the place where you need to give us a shot," said Budenhauser.

He did not specify whether he was referring to this particular opponent, till now till the full length of the 2019 postsecondary or 95 games, the box was played from the end of October.

Suppose that they were very bad and careless when they had left 120-102 in the Scotiabank Arena, they all had undermined them.

By restricting it to the playoff, Baks' job was defended in the form of the lowest point in 13 games against Toronto, Boston or Detroit. His defensive rating of 125.0 (100 points allowed for the property) was the worst from a wide margin; When he lost to Celtics in Game 1 of the conference semi-final, he had become 110.9.

In this series, their three previous attempts against Toronto were 101.0 in Game 2, 98.3 in Game 3 and 98.0 in Game 1.

It is not for being crazy at the decimal point, but the percentage of Milwaukee's defensive rebellion (68.8 percent) was also the worst in his playoff. He was very much honest on boards in Games 1 (78.3), 2 (83.0) and 3 (78.5).

Meanwhile, Raptors looked very rich at the cost of Baptists. It was the second best night of the Toronto Postman in the percentage of aggressive eligibility, the percentage of offensive revolts and the attendance (78.0).

It is believed that none of the above is generally against the best defense of the NBA in 2018-19.

"Everything was a little bit", the way Nicola Mirror looked in front, explained the development of Game 4. "Rotation, defensive transition too: We have not shown to the crowd how we usually do it, they beat us on the boards tonight."

Guard George Hill said, "They look very open, they're running the ball hard, they are pushing the ball very well, we just have to match their energy and playing style."

These coins have two faces, and Bucks credited to the Toronto players for their offensive ability. Three reservoirs of Raptor in the eight-man rotation of Trainer Nick Nurse, Serge Ebka, Norman Powell and Fred Onevillet, 48-19 defeated four bench players in the current rotation of Bowden has.

Milwaukee Defense was extended due to being a high scorer in the rhythm, so that Buck, Giannis Antaconpopo and Chris Middleton were reduced to two major threats. And losing more than 70 percent of its trials (box has blocked 115 out of 164 in the series) can fuel the transition game of other teams.

"I'm not sure [big shots from Toronto] were essentially centered on Queen Leonard," said Budenholzer.

Said Middleton, who had his best aggressive game of the series with 30 points, but was just guilty in the form of his defensive partners: "We did not really take one thing from him." For the most part, they found everything they wanted, ranging from paint to blocks, midrange and 3 ".

Milwaukee's defensive formula throughout the season has been to limit the success of the opponents near the basket, to challenge them in the goal and limit their travels to the line. Well, the Raptors tied boxes with paint in 40 pieces. He defeated his guests by three points in nine points. And he threw 27 freaks, 24 made.

All against a defense which led the NBA in the percentage of field goals of opponents (43.3) and allowed at least points in free throw (15.1 per game).

When the team becomes more physically and does not want to give it easily, it is natural to have a playoff for foul yoga. It is also understandable that a team that plays mostly behind the night can eliminate frustration to eliminate the possession of other players and fix the ball, which also causes foul.

"There are some flaws that are going to happen, but there are some defects that we need to be more intelligent," said Guard Pat Connection. "I mean, try to be better, first to get there, we should have a quick step, when we talk about entering it, then we have to do some better things. In general, a bit more difficult mentally it happens."

Concrete was played less than 14 minutes. But this was also part of the merger, where the box went beyond 16

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