Initial credit: "Aladdin", "Bookmart", "Brightburn", "Your Smell", "White Crow" - hailnewsup

Initial credit: "Aladdin", "Bookmart", "Brightburn", "Your Smell", "White Crow" - hailnewsup
"Aladdin": Director of "Sherlock Holmes" was chosen to direct Guy Ritchie to the new version of Disney Live, in which Will Smith played the talent of Robin Williams, his animated success in 1992. In the role of Zafar, in the role of Princess Jasmine and Marwan Kenzari, Maine Masood ("Open Heart Television" with Naomi Scott ("Power Rangers") is in the role of 2 hours 8; PG

"Bookmark": Actress Olivia Wilde made her debut with a high-quality comedy for a straight time (Catlin Deaver, "Short Term 12" and Beni Feldstein, "Lady Bird") for lost time. One night before graduation, Jessica Williams and Billy Lord are co-stars in 1 hour 45; R

"Brightborn": James Gun, director of "Guardians of the Galaxy", produced a hybrid superhero horror film written by his brother Bryan and his cousin Mark. Essentially "Superman," a deep sitting reunion of the story of a married couple (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) is a child who turns out of space and becomes a wicked little boy (Jackson A Dunn). 1 hour 30; R

"Its Smell": For the first time in two other films ("Listen Phillip 2015" and "Queen of 2015"), writer and director Alex Ross Perry and star Elizabeth Mass ("The Handmade Tale"), the play is called Indie Rock Star Musical about the decade (Moss), whose women's band is trapped in their 2-hour 14-hour self-destructive behavior; R

"The White Crow": Inspired by Julie Kavanagh's book "Rudolph Bureau: The Life", the British drama Oregon Iwenko presented his film as a real-life Soviet ballet dancer, Nureyev, who made the summit of the summit in the West Signed during The Cold War was successfully followed by KGB directing and co-starring Ralph Fennes ("Schindler List"). 2 hours 7; R

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