Listen: Sufjan Stevens Shares Two New Songs

Listen: Sufjan Stevens Shares Two New Songs
With the release of two new songs, Suffaan Stevens celebrated the Pride Month (which begins on June 1). First, "Love Yourself" is based on a sketch, originally written and recorded in 1996. "Love, can you see yourself?" Stevens sings in a satirical chorus. "Show me everything, all the reasons to believe in yourself".

Second, "With My Hole Heart" is a completely new and very propulsive piece. Stevens says that he "wanted to write a cheerful and honest love song without struggle, anxiety or self-destruction."

As part of the special release, Stevens also released the original 1996 demo version of "Love Yourself", as well as with the song's "little surprise"

A limited edition vinyl version of the song will be available on June 28. Assistance from LGBTQ and homeless children: Ali Forney Center at Harlem, NY and Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, Michigan.

This is Sufyan Stevens' first new music since the release of the single "Lonely Man of Winter" in 2018. He also contributed to the songs "Mystery of Love" and "Videos of Gideon" in the 2017 film Call Me by Name Names.