Magic Johnson says that GM Rob Pelinka hacked it

Magic Johnson says that GM Rob Pelinka hacked it
The Los Angeles Lakers were ready to present their new head coach Frank Vogel on Monday. It was a good opportunity for an optimistic conversation, a new start after a disastrous season.

Then, Magic Johnson went on television.

In a surprisingly candid interview on ESPN's "First Tech", Johnson, who had resigned as president of the team last month, portrayed a useless Lakers Box and blamed the General Manager of the team for stabbing him in the back.

"I started listening to the fact that Magic was not working hard, the Magic was not in the office," Johnson said, identifying the person who speaks ill as the team's general manager Rob Pelinka.

Johnson said, "I did not like things that are said to be behind my back."

"If you're going to talk about betrayal, then it's just with Rob," he said. "I was not enjoying working, knowing that you want my position."

"Someone has to become a leader, there are too many voices," he said of the Lakers headquarters.

In later Vogel's presentation, Pelinka said that he enjoyed working with Johnson. Pelinka said, "It is frustrating to hear that they believe there is a misconception in it."

"My job is not to worry about what other people can say about me or think of me as a person," he said.

Palinka joined the Lakers in 2017, shortly after the team's owner, Jenny Bush essentially fired her brother Jim and General Manager Mitch Kupchak. Palinka NBA Was one of the key agents to represent. Players including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

Changing agent to general manager may have been unthinkable in the past, but it has become increasingly common in the game because the importance of relationships between officials and a small group of elite players has become more important. Johnson's comments were astonishing because he was the Palinka boss as the chairman of the team.

For the Lakers, the restructuring in the administration has failed to pay the dividend so far. After receiving LeBron James, The Lakers started the season with high hopes. But the team was a slip of 37-45, and coach Luke Walton left at the end of the season.

Johnson said on Monday that he agreed that Walton should go, but he wanted a different coach, Tyrone Lew, whom the Lakers considered before choosing for Vogel. "Vogel is a good coach, but Lu is better," he said.

As a player, a Lakers legend Johnson stressed that he is still supporting the team and supporting Vogel.

Johnson had resigned abruptly from the team's president last month, he had not told the owner Jenny Bush earlier.

On Monday, he said, "I gave everything to take the Lakers in the right direction."

"If the Lakers were on sale yesterday, I would run Jenny and she would tell me to let them buy."

They also said, with laughter, there are rumors that the Lakers will consider sharing James: "It is not going to happen." He also said that he believes that the team will win the title with James.

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