Magic Johnson says that they would have targeted Qui Leonard Kee Irving in the free agency

Along with no restrictions on league manipulation rules, the former Los Angeles Lakers Basketball President, Magic Johnson said that they forwarded some of Leonard's guard to Seydel's guard Kari Irving and/or Toronto Raptors. Get rid of this heat.

Johnson shared ESPN's "First Tech" on Monday morning, "I would say that Que and Kiri are two boys." "One of those two."

Irving and Leonard are a group that prepares players to be available for this offense. In the previous reports, Irving has been linked to his former partner LeBron James and the Lakers, although they have been in equal proportion, if not more, then speculation that they can live in Boston or with another pending free agent, Golden Striker Team can create. State Warriors, Kevin Durant in New York.

Johnson did not tell Irving his reasoning to nominate one of his fictional main objectives.

"I'm sure a plan is A, and a plan is B," he said. "Follow superstars, and then, if it does not happen, then you turn."

While the 59-year-old Michigan native is no longer a member of the Lakers Front office, he seemed to be open to the possibility of helping recruit players in the future. With a capacity of $ 32.5 million in the wage capitalization room, the club will try to bring another star with James.

"Listen, I'm a lecher, man," said Johnson. "If they call me, then I'm going."

During his appearance on "First Tech" for the first time in April, Johnson also called General Manager Rob Pelinka for his "betrayal", denied the idea that the Lakers could do James's business, and along with The Trust predicted that the team would win the championship in James's tenure.

"It's going to happen," he said.

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