Met Gala: Who will get the 'camp' right?

Met Gala: Who will get the 'camp' right?
The annual "campsite" theme of exceptional fashion has proved to be challenging for some people, while others are not difficult. "If someone is skeptical, just think for yourself, 'WWJD' (what will Elton John do?)," Fashion designer August Gatty said.
71st Annual Met Gala Monday Night, Metropolitan Funding Museum of Art Costume Institute, Super Bowl is a world of fashion.

Fashion Knight, organized on the first Monday in May and under the leadership of the editor of Chief Vogue Anna Winmore, this year's annual museum-program "Camp: Notes on Fashion" began, which was based on the 1964 essay "Notes in Campus" by Susan Sontag. Was there. "

The chair with Gala includes Gucci, Alessandro Mitchell, Lady Gaga, creative director of Serena Williams and Harry Styles. And the viewers are expecting bold and beautiful from the guest list, in which Jehan Lez, Rihanna (which was the first "naked" dress that was strategically placed in 1974) with Kim Kardashian was included in Cher, Kim Kardashian West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Roberts, Jared Leto, and Tracy Ellis Ross.

So, how is the word string actually defined "camp"? "The essence of the camp is unnatural: his love for intelligence and exaggeration," he wrote. "The camping feature is a sense of waste. The camp is a woman who runs in a fabric made of 3 million wings. "

Everything is nice and good unless one person does not try to get married to the desire of many Hollywood flicks to look beautiful rather than theater. Many people have reportedly surrendered for this reason and the level of concern is increasing. The key is to explain the theme in such a way that, without sounding like ridiculous, it is proven right on the point and the camera's worth.

(There was a chat this year that some members of the fashion camp - especially on other continents - initially translated this concept "camping," such as sleeping bags that could be worn and clothes like tents when in translation Theme was lost). "I Will Be A Camp Advisor," Chrissy Teigen posted a double node on its Instagram Stories on Weekend.

The Gucci gang, along with Jared Leto, is linked to Aces, which has been described as Mitchell's maximum view of fashion. You can also call the King of LA West Coast Camp, LA-based fashion designer Jeremy Scott (Creative Director of Italian Fashion House Moschino) for almost a dozen people in Mosino, specifically dressed for tonight's program and the Hollywood Reporter Said: For me this camp is going to increase enthusiasm and that, for me, without effort! "

New York-based fashion designer Zack Posen also dressed dozens of guests, teasingly said, "Those who do not know about me, I am very interested in science and engineering, and I too have a very close to the technology market. So whatever you will see is influenced by the thoughts in which some very sophisticated techniques are used. "

Expect brands that are traditionally associated with more permanent aesthetics to launch their wild side. Asked how he planned to dress his clothes to fit the Matt Gala theme, Mary-Kate Olsen, who was the head of the fashion label with his sister Ashley, said: "We all will be amazed! " Ashley said, "We still do our things."

And then there are beginners, like fashion designer Paul Andrew, recently appointed creative designers of Italian luxury homes Salvatore Ferragamo, who will take the brand on Mats Gala for the first time tonight.

Tonight, at least one star-wearing stylist Zadrian Smith said, "In the past few weeks, we have learned many different interpretations of the way to define and interpret the 'camp' through the glasses of fashion. The immediate trend is to keep a 'camp' in an awful, horrific or even anti-fashion category. However, for me, 'camp' is really very optimistic. , Very contemporary, rebellious, brave, brave, confident and independent. "

Looking at his care from the South, Smith continued: "Savannah, Camp in Georgia", is a decadent, flavor, big hair, alcoholic character from St. De Parade. Annual Patrick in Club One, and the prestigious Lady Chablis We all have some 'tents' and therefore I am very happy to see all 'Kehahah' Variants on the Red Carpet tonight in Met Gala! "

L. Auguste Getty's philanthropist and fashion designer August Getty Esteller told the THR, "Everyone has said that this year's Met Gala theme is difficult to interpret, not for me! For the first time I heard that a 'camp' had become, I was eight years old and my grandmother was dressed like Dame Edna

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