Mike Harrington: Sabers get something different from hiring Ralph Krueger

Mike Harrington: Sabers get something different from hiring Ralph Krueger
I was texting this week with a colleague of the Western Conference about Sabers Trainer candidates and he stopped me when he asked me if I had ever seen ads of Mexican beer Dos Equis, which was the most interesting man in the world. . ".

(I can not say that I did it, I had to search Google, but then I missed the last year's campaign).

"I think this is Ralph Kruger," my friend said with confidence. "Who has been the chief coach of NHL, has led Southampton FC and is included as a special speaker in the European Economic Forum. I have never met a man like him in hockey."

Difficult to disagree With the liberal curriculum of the 59-year-old Krueger, there has never been an NHL coach, who have unique entries in both hockey and out.

If Dan was a safe option of the Baltimma hockey world and Phil Hoffly was a proper stride for the first player, then the Kruger represents completely out of the box. Perhaps in the history of the franchise.

At this point, it is safe to say that trying to isolate something is the most important thing that fans wanted in this quest. Even if it fails in two years.

And this is definitely different.

Jacques was not Martin. Neither Dave Tippett nor Todd Richards Sheldon Keiff was a good choice, but why did Toronto Maple Leafs allow him to speak to any opponent in his board?

General Manager Jason Bouteril knows that his second coach choice is probably the last if this does not work. Canadian sports psychologist Kel Botill said that he worked hard, but after all, he left anyone with a long relationship with his father.

Kruger has 48 games of experience with NHL Trainer, train Edmonton Oilers 2012-13 only during the lockout season. After the 19-22-7 campaign, he was fired by GM Craig McVish, five weeks after the season, with the Edmonton class, through Skype.

So with that little experience, it is difficult to classify Krueger as a classic retread and it's good.

I saw Kruger work closely during the 2016 Hockey World Cup when the team took the impressive run of the championship series before losing the Europa to the Canada team.

The European team took training in Quebec City and I went there to inaugurate our exhibition, in which the experienced team of players from eight European countries was defeated by Jack Iachel and the North American team 4-0. The children ran into circles around them It did not seem that heats won a game.

After three nights, in Montreal, Team Europe fell into 5-1 holes in the first period against North America but came back within around before 7-4. He then won his last exhibition against Sweden in overtime and scored 3-0 on the USA team. UU

From that point on, it was completely.

After winning the victory against the USA team, while joking about Kruger, "I thank children for killing us very hard." UU "Because of our initial adversity, he gathered us and explained what we need to do."

The news is that Kruger has messed up with his players after the disaster of the inaugural exhibition. Reminding them that they were from small places like Slovenia and Slovakia, Norway and Denmark. And Austria and Germany. It was his chance to join and join Sweden, Finland, and Russia for some time in his career on the international stage.

It was fascinating to see. By the time the final of the three best came, the players had already purchased it.

In the morning, winning the last game from Canada's last-minute goal of Brad Marchand, Krueger talked about the trip because he knew that this could be the last time the club was together. But he also stopped at the moment.

"Today we are talking about being better as a team," Krueger said that day. "It is not just for us, it is our mantra to keep the image small and to focus on whatever the next challenge is, during this two days there is a good bite and a good profit and intensity in the group. "

Now, he was a three-week tournament. Can Krueger get a share of one of the most sick NHL franchises?

There are many difficult questions that require answers.

Does hiring a cragger to have any effect on the decision to re-sign Jeff Skinner? Can Kruger give this team a form of a defensive structure and at the same time, can Rasmus Ristentine resume the game? Can he win the approval of Jack Iachel and Sam Reinhart, which is definitely important for keeping the costumes under control?

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