Natalie Portman refuted the dates with Moby, saying a very old man who is scary

Natalie Portman refuted the dates with Moby, saying "a very old man who is scary"
Moby revealed some animated chatter in his new memories, then failed, in addition to kissing with Christina Ricci, fighting with Eminem, and going out with his childhood heroes David Bowie and Joe Stromer. Before going after Lizzy Grant, I went out with Lana Del Rey. Natalie Portman of college age. But in an interview with Harper Bazaar today, Portman denied their relationship.

Portman said: "I was surprised when I heard that when I went, I did not have time to come to him because my memory was a very old man, scared me when I graduated from school." I was 20 years old. I was not there. I was a teenager 18 years ago. He and his editor did not have any objective inquiry. I almost felt they used to use this story to sell my book. It was very troublesome for me. In facts and inventions. I would like to contact them.

"I was a fan and went to one of his shows when I graduated." "When we met after the show, he said:" Let's make it, he was on a tour and was filming a movie, so we went out of a bunch, before realizing that he was a big man, cared in a way that seemed inappropriate to me. "

In the book, Moby wrote the story differently: "We finished the show in Austin, we were playing in a place for four hundred and fifty people where there were 500 people." I went back to the back door and made sure it was a misunderstanding. Or a joke, but Natalie Portman was waiting patiently. "He looked at me with black eyes and said," Hello. "

"I was a drinker living in an apartment that smelled of bricks and bricks. Natalie Portman was a beautiful movie star, but she was here in my dressing room, flirting with me.

"After the show, Natalie appeared on the balcony, where my recording player was wearing a full beige dress and Audrey Hepburn was rather angry," recalls another meeting after the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. About my suit? "I felt scared and asked him with a smile."

"The paparazzi knew my name, and I did not take a photograph of the Paparazzi." As long as they were not angry with me, no one shouted my name, I wanted to stay there and absorb the gloss, but Natalie grabbed my hand and took me to the hotel. At the bar, I ordered vodka and soda, one for each of us. "Oh, I do not drink wine," he said as he scanned the room, which in turn was checked.

"I thought Steven Tyler would find my story attractive, but he looked at me and asked me," Are you with Natalie Portman? "I said," I said that. It's very exciting. "

In a later chapter, a date was set for 1999, while Portman attended Harvard University in Boston: "I went to Cambridge to meet Natalie." We took each other by the hand and wandered through Harvard University, with a 100-year-old oak in the middle of the night. He took me to my bedroom, and we reclined on his little bed, one beside the other. When she slept, I took her carefully from my arms and took a taxi and went to her hotel. "

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