On hands: Sony Xperia 1 camera review

Sony's latest flagship with Cinephiles is the 21: 9 screen and cinematic video recording tool.
On hands: Sony Xperia 1 camera review
Xperia 1 is a brave flagship that tries to be different in the world of footnotes and drill holes. Their 4K HDR 21: 9 screen is a statement piece that attracts them, while their triple camera configuration inspired by Alpha and the CineAlta-powered video recording tool reviews our box "Image Enthusiasts" very well.

To watch, Sony Xperia 1 instantly stands out from its incredibly long screen. While other flagships are only 19.5: 9 on screen, and not less with the help of notches, Xperia 1 has been loaded with notches with 4K screen, HDR, 21: 9.

Combined with a metal frame and a premium finish, not to mention the three cameras, this is a top-notch phone which can be the best camera phone in our list for a candidate for your list, although it's the premium price is. If you are thinking of choosing one, Xperia 1 is available in the Carphone Warehouse, or via EE, O2 or Sky Mobile, with Cool Cool version available especially for Vodafone.

While Sony distributes a large screen on XZ3, its cameras are good; Can the Xperia 1 camera finally surprise us in the way that the company's alpha line does for years?

Design and Factors

Everything about Xperia 1 revolves around that long and long OLED screen. Measuring 6.5 inches, this paper is almost identical to the size of the Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus screen, but with its aspect ratio of 21: 9, it is long and narrow.

However, this is not the only aspect ratio that stands out. Thanks to its 4K resolution, with the speed of 1644 x 3840 pixels, Xperia 1 is faster and offers more than 643 pixels per inch (PPI). It is clearly evident, with the Hauvai P30 Pro in 398 PPI and iPhone X Max with 458 PPI.

Sony has also loaded it with the OLD technology, which guarantees that black is incredibly deep, the colors are superb and everything is fantastic from movies, video to simple scrolling of user interface.

HDR has been loaded with new color space in technology and creative mode, which has been certified by Netflix engineers, which provides a perfect visual experience, it is clear that this screen is special.

This message is designed and hand-crafted, with a polished aluminum frame with Xperia 1, with front and rear gorilla glass 6 built.

On the back, there is a collision in the camera, with a triple camera, and all the buttons on the right side of the screen and a fingerprint scanner. While power buttons and volume controls are not uncommon, the camera's trigger, which comes with full-screen functionality, is an innovation for today's smartphone.

The most important thing is probably the battery's ability to see Xperia 1's spec sheet. With only 3330 mAh under the hood, it is much smaller than the Huawei and Samsung flagship, but instead of ringing alarm bells, we wait for our full review to issue a final decision on this issue.

The camera

A large number of pixels and good, but not the excellent camera for smartphones, Sony Xperia X1 reduces the resolution of 19 MPs to 12 MPs in all its sensors. Apart from this, X1 is Sony's first flagship with a triple camera system, which has a detailed snap, a telephoto and an ultra-wide.

The main camera has a focal range of 26mm equivalent, 1 / 2.6 and a lens f / 1.6 with 1.4μ pixels sensor. From a specific perspective, Dual pixel is full of PDAF and 5-axis OIS, it reads very well.

With 52 mm, the 12 MP telephoto camera brings it closer to the action and also loads it with F / 2.4 lens, 1.0 microns pixel, dual pixel PDAF and 5-axis OIS with 1 / 3.4 "sensor.

Finally, the wide-angle camera has 16 mm, an f / 2.4 lens and a focal length equal to 1 / 3.4 "sensor, with 1.0 microns pixels.

These major lenses combine to cover a wide range of bases and compete with other flags like LG G8 ThinQue and Huawei P30 series directly.

Some major competitors like HonorView 20 Pro have the total megapixel count of Xperia 1 in the main camera less than a sensor, but do not let you down. 12MP Pixel 3 is still one of the best cameras for smartphones, so we recommend that by the time your complete analysis is not available, you can postpone the trial.

The device modesops are abundant, which enhances the background of shots from the portrait mode to the full manual, which has seen a 32-second increase in shutter speed on the Old Experias.

Another excellent cascading feature of Sony's alpha line is designed to portray the exact photographers. It also makes sense of how advanced background blur and artificial Bokeh smartphones have become.

Suscini-based video capabilities have been past, HDR 4K video was introduced in Xperia XZ 2, with no mention of slow bursts of 960 FPS. What is really different? However, X1 Your MoviesThere is a Pro App.

Positioned as an alternative video recording device for anyone interested in recording cinematic style videos, there is a division of Sony film cameras: Cinematata. With a series of available appearances, including a predetermined high dynamic range, flat finish, it captures images which are perfect for picking and sorting on desktops.

The application also offers a large number of features to users. You can control the shutter speed, for example, in addition to the manual focus between the video, by setting the base point marker for the subject, to help you focus more precisely. The application also allows you to set frame rates for your projects and shoot at 16: 9 or 21: 9.

A notable lapse in Cinema Pro application is a video editor of any kind. We could not even trim the clip. It publishes those enthusiasts who can export their images from their phones and edit them on desktop computers, which is fine for video professionals, but it can reduce this great tool.


Snapdragon 855 processor feeding the experience behind the Xperia 1 has been connected with 6 GB RAM. The chipset can be found in top-level devices such as the American version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi MI 9, and it's the best of its kind.

When combined with 128GB internal storage, you get lots of places out of all your photos and video boxes, and there was also an expansion slot for the MicroSD card, however, the image recorded in the Cinema Pro app is stored in the storage internal Must have to save it.

The operating of Android 9 with Sony's Light Touch UI at the top of the app is also excellent thanks to reaching the Google Play Store, and the UI feels fluid and stable in our 24 hours with the phone.

Quick decision

Sony Xperia 1 is an exciting flagship, if only for the fact that it dares to do something different. Its design is rich, its screen is long, clear and immersive and we can not wait too long in our entire review.

For initial ideas, while the photos taken in the old Expiry do not stack only the best of the rest, Xperia 1 photos are processed less visually in the images we review, which give a good start to things.

The idea of ​​a professional video is also exciting, so while the price can be high, it may well be appropriate.