Peggy Lipton star of the Squ Mod Squad 'and, Twin Peaks' died at 72 years of age.

Peggy Lipton, the actress who became famous in the 1960s television series "Mod Squad" and died of cancer in the 1990's "Twin Peaks" at the age of 72.

This news was confirmed by his two daughters, Kidadah and Rashida Jones, from Lipton's wedding to music producer Quincy Jones.

The statement said, "We are disappointed that our beloved mother has died from cancer today." "He traveled peacefully with his daughters and niece, and we feel very fortunate for every moment spent with him."

Confidentiality was sought and continued for the family in the statement: "We can not express all our feelings at this time, but we will say: Peggy was there, and always will be, in our world and in the future, the ray of light Us. "

Lipton played the role of Julie Barnes, one of Los Angeles's three undercovers "hippie police", in Counterculture "The Mod Squad" with Michael Cole and Clarence Williams III. The program was broadcast from ABC on 1968-1973.

He was nominated for the Emmys and won a Golden Globe in 1971 for his performance. The program addressed issues like the Vietnam War, Drugs and Domestic Violence.

Lipton married music producer Quincy Jones in 1974 and focused on his family and two daughters. In 1989 both of them got divorced.

Lipton appeared in the 1979 television meeting "Mod Squad" and starring Claire Danes (as Julie Barnes), Umar Apes and Giovanni Ribsey in an edition of the 1999 movie "The Mod Squad".

In the 1990s, he played the role of Norma Jennings in the television series "Twin Peaks". He also played the same role in the rebirth of the 2017 show.

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