Prime Minister Modi said that the historical victory of the general elections, the party says

Prime Minister Modi said that the historical victory of the general elections, the party says
New Delhi / Kolkata (Reuters) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu Nationalist Party won a historic victory in the general elections of India, his foreign minister said on Thursday, while officials counted crores of votes after the election. Large-scale multi-platform survey.

Election Commission official figures showed Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on 292 out of 542 seats, needed 272 seats for a majority in the Lok Sabha.

According to statistics, they will get the first consecutive majority for a single party since 1984. The main opposition party, the Congress Party, had 51 seats.

Reuters India Election Live Blog:

A senior BJP leader, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also said on Twitter that the BJP has achieved "massive victory".

The absolute majority for Modi's party will probably embrace the Hindu groups, who want to establish their supremacy in the minority Muslim alarms in the country.

This will allow Modi to move forward with reforms to deal with unemployment and rural agony, which has remained in power during his five years in power.

The mood in the BJP headquarters in New Delhi was optimistic, where party workers appreciated when television channels reported rising profits.

BJP spokesman GVL Narasimha Rao said, "This is a huge mandate for Narendra Modi's positive policy and policies." "This is a great victory for India, we feel humble with the grandeur of this victory."

The Congress leaders were somewhat sadder.

Congress spokesman Salman Soz said, "Obviously this is not in our favor." "We need to wait for the full results, but this does not look good at this time."

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by BJP, is ahead of 324 seats, while the United Progressive Alliance of the opposition won from 10 is (0430 GMT), 111 votes after almost two. After the count of about 600 million votes, the hours NDTV television channel said.

NDTV and Rival Channel CNN News 18 called for elections for the Modi alliance.

The expected difference of NDA's victory is much higher than the polling signal, which was indicated in the poll when most of the elections showed that it would be the largest coalition, but would not reach the general majority.

The final results will be delivered on Thursday night.

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Modi put pressure on the time when he started campaigning, after the loss of three state elections in December, between the prices of the farm and rising anger on unemployment.

However, for the benefit of the right-wing BJP, after the death of 40 Indian policemen in a suicide car bomb blast in the disputed Kashmir region in February, Pakistan turned to India's relations with its nuclear weapons rival, Pakistan. Analysts said.

Harsh Pant, Political Analyst of the Observer Research Foundation think tank of New Delhi, said, "National Security Discussion has started." "It allowed the BJP to avoid some problems in which it was weak."

BJP has worked to redeem Modi's star power, a maniac worker, as well as better financial resources.

He defeated Congress six times in Facebook and Google advertising, according to statistics, and up to 20 times in total, told Reuters this month.

The police saw polling stations in West Bengal on Thursday, where the campaign had become violent when the BJP tried to take a seat in a powerful regional party Trinamool Congress.

NDTV said that the BJP was a leader in 17 seats in the state, which sends the third largest number of legislators in Parliament, which is much better than the two seats won in 2014.

Tapas Das, a taxi driver in Kolkata's state capital, said, "Wherever we go, people talk about the BJP's wave in Bengal."

"Everyone wants to see changes."

When Modi went towards victory, Indian shares reached a historic high. The Nifty's main index rose 1.35% to 11,896.

On Wednesday, the rupee moved closer to 69.67, rising to 69.20 per dollar, while the yield on 10-year bonds fell 3 basis points to 7.23%.

R Sivakumar, head of fixed income in Axis Mutual Fund in Mumbai, said, "For global investors, political stability and continuity is an important factor in considering investment in any country." "It will keep India on the radar of global capital investors."

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