Representative Justin Amash in City Hall: 'My job is to protect the constitution'

Representative Justin Amash in City Hall: 'My job is to protect the constitution'
The only Republican in Congress who accused President Trump on the untimely conduct of voters in his Michigan district received ovulation from many people on Tuesday, who fought with some former supporters who embrace "democratic attack" against Trump Showed his "courage".

More than two hours, Rep. Of the fifth term Justin Amash answered over two dozen questions from an estimated crowd of 900 who filled up a high school auditorium in Grand Rapids. In 2016, the presidential election is "frightened" and said that the Democratic House of Representatives chairman Nancy Pelosi is the law that should be protected rather than the majority of prison members.

"We can not allow such behavior to be unruly," said Amash. "Congress has the duty to keep the president under control."

When an inquirer asked if the procedures are worthwhile after winning the election for his next election next year, he said that he is worried that in any case impeachment will never be used.

"It is riskier than the risk that will be used often," he said, considering that the major obstacles prior to the indictment would lead to a president. "Cheating people, doing things is more dangerous for our country".

Amash said that Muller had determined that Trump had asked the White House lawyer to make a "wrong record".

"For me, those things reflect incredible dishonesty and actually injure the President's office." I do not think you have to let those things go. He is not guilty "

Many people thanked Amash for his position, which was constantly appreciated, while some present people told him that he is in political trouble and admirers are Democrats who hate Trump. Two Republicans are running against Amash, who has not denied a Libertarian for the President

Diane Luke of Grand Rapids said, "I am your supporter because you started running for the Congress and I can not tell you how frustrated I am, that Muller's report and Trump's Democratic critics would like to" directly attack " He Came." "

But Pamela Medford-Conley of Cedar Springs said that the reports and agrees with the assessment of Astha.

"If you are actually reading all this, then I do not know how to reach different findings," he said after the Town Hall event. "Now, if we are going to do justice to him or not, I do not know."

In the Exclusive Test Exchanges, Ann Timer of Grand Rapids told Amash that many people encouraged him "Maybe you did not vote." He said that he made hundreds of calls on his behalf during his first campaign in Congress in 2010 and voted him every two years.

"I was there for you from the beginning, I would like to say from that moment," Timer said. "He has spent the last two years without doing his job, which is a direct representation of his constituents."

Amash replied: "My job is to protect the constitution."

The timer said that there is no evidence that Trump had corrupted the intention. Impeachment "will destroy this country," he said. He accused AIIMS of having a big political reputation to increase its profile at the national level.

"You know that you have no future in this district as a Republican," he said.

Another woman shouted: "This Republican still loves you, Justin!"

Earlier, when a man asked if he was going to fall too much, "Amash said that he is not worried about losing in 2020.

"I believe that I represent those people," he said. "I think people are smart enough to realize what is happening ... The President has done a terrible thing to me in this district."