Republican Keller wins Pennsylvania special election

Republican Fred Keller won a special election in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.
A State Representative, Keller, supported by President Donald Trump, easily defeats Democratic Mark Freidenberg, a Penn State professor, to win in a solidly Republican district.

Tom Marino, the former Republican Party representative, resigned from the Congress in January, had a few weeks in his tenure, and in November last year, he won again with 32 percent of the seats. The district, which covers the Northeast and the middle parts of the state, was voted heavily for Trump in the 2016 election, up from Hillary Clinton, from 66% to 30%.

The race drew little attention from the National Democrats, but Trump traveled to the district on Monday for a campaign rally, which strengthened the message of Presidential re-election in the election battleground of an important college.

"Our support for you was as strong as it always was," said Keller, standing next to Trump in Monroeville. "In 2016, Pennsylvania placed Donald Trump on top, and in 2020, we will do it again."

Trump tweeted his support for Keller, who had long hoped for him to win, while the voters went to the polls on Tuesday. "Fred is strong with a crime, second amendment, military, veterinarian and medical care, he is my complete and complete support!", Trump tweeted.

Trump pushed the last minute to record a robocall.

Keller wins one of the three empty seats in the house. The other two are in North Carolina, which will occupy the seats of the district 3 and 9 in the elections to be held on September 10.

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