Results of UFC 237, Highlights: Jessica Andrade collaborated with TKO to claim Gulab Namjun for the title.

Andrade knocked down Namazanas after a head injury in round 2
Results of UFC 237, Highlights: Jessica Andrade collaborated with TKO to claim Gulab Namjun for the title.
Despite being out in almost two full rounds, Jessica André forced the UFC's straight weight title with sheer force and strength.

Andrade (20-6) lifted the 115-pound champion, Rose Namazunas and hit the head and neck in round 2, to make a violent end to his bout for the UFC 237 main event in UCI. Arena in Rio de Janeiro via second-round knockout

The referee Mark Godard promptly encouraged the fight at 2:58 am after being ineffective with the effect of Namjun (8-4).

"I was pretty sure what I had to do in that second round," Andrade said. "I have never launched that movement, I have never taken anyone into the UFC, this is my nickname and I wanted to do it, I knew it was slow."

Namazunas, who entered the battle for the remaining 13 months due to injuries after winning the thrilling title on Jade Jedrejesky (who defeated Andrade in 2017), launched around blur with a round that works like this. Was an attack of his incredible development as a striker

While entering the height and reach with a three-inch advantage, Namazunas stern punches to open a cut over the left eye of Andrade and put a clinic in the work of the leg and changed the angle to compensate for the pressure of Andrade.

The 26-year-old, Andrade, a former Bantamweight, who has reinforced himself as a knockout hitter of 115 pounds, was ready to take the loss to reach a lot closer, and for the shot effort, Namajunas twice in the first round were championed Were disappointed who claim that Kimura tries to stay on the wind to reduce the effect of landing.

In round 2, Andrade continued with his relentless pressure and began to catch Namjun in the conditions covered while handing it down in a straight line with hands down. In the end, they contacted enough for the third blow attempt, in which Namjun's commitment was to try to hook a Kimura, which caused his neck to shock.

"This is a lot of pressure on my shoulders," Namazunus said critically after the fight.

Namjun took a curious decision to remember the opportunity to defend his title in March against Andrade in Las Vegas earlier this year. Instead, he insisted that two fight in the country of Andrade, a native of Brazil, and explained that this fight would help in making as much difficulty as possible.

For around, it seemed that Namazun's stance was getting off. But the toughness of Andrade's cruelty and unrestricted support helped her to stay in the fight, just as she had done after losing her title to Kedrosky two years ago when she fought hard despite the fight Down to the points

Although it was the resistance and pressure of Andrade who allowed him to reach Namjun for the final shock, it was his dominant power, which brought him the title in the final, which was even more dangerous than the coup d'état of Corollaña. Kozakiewicz de Andrade of September. With 11, Endrend now has the most wins in all the fighters' UFC history.

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UFC card 237 / results

Beat Jessica Andrade (c) Namajunas (hit and hit) through second round TKO
Defeated Jared Cannonier. Anderson Silva (injury) by TKO in the first round
Defeated Alexander Volkanova José Aldo decision with unanimous consent (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Defeated Lorenzo Staropoli. Thiago decided unanimously (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Defeated Irena Aldana. Bethe Correa via third-round submission (Arm Bar)
Ryan Span defeated First round (hit) through Antonio Rogerio Noguera TKO
Thiago Moise defeated Kurt Hobo (30-26, 30-26, 30-27) by unanimous decision
Beat Warley Alves Sergio Moraes through the third round TKO (hit)
Clay Guida Diff B.J. By consensus decision by Pen (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

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