Rockets 126, Warriors 121: Warriors can not take advantage of Kevin Durant's big night

Rockets 126, Warriors 121: Warriors can not take advantage of Kevin Durant's big night
Houston - The world's best basketball player seems capable of doing everything.

He separates the big and small defenders. They jumped up He attacked the basket. Just because Kevin Durant makes it easy to make goals, but this does not mean that it is easy to save a soldier.

On Saturday, Houston Rockets suffered a loss of 126-121 overtime in the Western Conference Semifinal Game 3. Ending with a score of 46 points can be ended, 14 -31 shoots, 3 to 6-10 from the ground, and 12-to-12 on the line. However, this means a little less because Durant does not have the support to complete his skills.

Durant said, "The amount does not really matter." "They do not tell the whole story."

Durant means three-point drumand green (19), ribode (11) and assistant (10). But Durant can also refer to himself. Durant recorded his second largest output in his NBA playoff career, but Warriors introduced something else to stop the rocket from moving forward 2-1.

Stephen Curry has 17 points, while 7-K-23 and 9 to 3. Kelly Thompson has 16 points out of 16 and 2 to -6 icons from the city. After the Warriors won the first two wins in this series, Rockets recorded an aggressive effort (17-7) and overall (55-35) wins, which Durant considered "the reason that he won the match."

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said, "We have a chance. But if we win that match, then he will be honest." They beat us "

However, the fighters with the game Durant still had a chance. After reaching 12 points with only 5 out of 14 in the first round, the Durant became more efficient and productive in the second round.

"Just playing basketball," said the Durant. "Run my brand, be aggressive and assume that every owner is serious, nothing is different.

In the third quarter, Durant collected 17 points with the most violation (9 out of 9) and produced 3 (2 of 2) lot. In the fourth quarter, taking advantage of some limited rocket coverage, Durant first scored 10 out of the 12. He also prepared 3 openings for Thompson and Andre Iguodala, who gave the Warriors a lead of 112-110 with 45.9 seconds.

Curry said, "They brought the killers out, they ordered us to start the fourth quarter." Once you get a clue and start settling, the vibration changes clearly. "

If he was 18 feet ahead in 19.2 seconds with regulation, then Durant could make sure to win. But he did not love Durant. When he went 5-9 in the fourth quarter, the remaining 5-14 fighters fled together. After this, Durant scored five points from nine teams in extra time.

"Kevin is basically invincible. You can not do anything for many of them," said CAR. "When someone from your team does this, it assures everyone, we finally put a charm in the game and get our momentum, he does his job and we can not finish the match."

Soldiers can have better curry shots. Surprisingly, the irregular left mid finger affects the game, but curry emphasizes instead. Apart from that, he missed a handful of left lips. Even he missed a sting in the previous match, in which he said that he caught a long disappointment with his game.

"I'm feeling good," Curry said. "I'm frustrated even from the rest of the night. I'm not my best moment."

Thompson does not even show his best moments. He forced Ball to play with Houston goalkeeper Chris Paul, who remained in Regulation in 1.5 seconds and entered the second half in 5-10. However, before that, Thompson was at a distance of 1-5. Kerr blamed himself for not acting in part of Thompson, but as soon as he shot, he brushed it.

"It's not Steve. It's for making myself," said Thompson. "Attack and shot will come."

The long-distance happens because he recorded eight more shot (eight) in game 2, which lost to the Clippers in the first round, the durants turned into different players.

In the last six matches, Durante's average was 38.33 points during the 50.7 percent shot from the ground. However, the durants became dissatisfied, they wiped 42.6 percent of the clips in the first two warriors in Houston. In Game 3, Durant moved away from those numbers that matched with high standards.

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