stanley cup playoffs day to win bronze

The Boston Bruins are on a six-game winning streak, and after a 2-1 victory on Tuesday, they are just one win away from a place in the Stanley Cup final. Carolina Hurricane? They have to do something special to maintain the story of their Cinderella.

Here is a summary of last night's action (check the replay of each playoff game on ESPN +) and what to watch tonight, in today's ESPN Stanley Cup playoff

About last night ...

Game 3: Boston Bruce 2, Carolina Hurricane 1 (Brunze Series 3-0 ahead)

Carolina was expected to recover some energy at home, and the first period could not be better than the strategy's approach. CAN be got a 33-9 advantage in shooting efforts According to the Natural State Trick, this has reached their expected target of 2.49 But, he could not find the last punk rusk just yet. The Boston goalkeeper came up with saving after saving a beautiful. If this game does not win rusk skate cuts in Boston, then nothing will happen.

The goals of Chris Wagner and Brad Marchand were all the crimes necessary for Bruce. Carolina is now in desperate mode, and can not rely on its power play, which is 1 to 12 in this series (8.3%) and 5-for-50 in this postson(10.0%). Rod Brindamour said briefly on Cain's night: "That stutter, I'm not going to cover it with sugar, I thought you had been kicked, you know where, wait for a while, but you Show. "

Three stars

1. Tuukka Rusk, Jee, Boston Bruce. There was clearly a difference between game 3, which is a trend this month. According to the Natural Static Trick, they saved 29 out of 30 high-risk opportunities in a similar force in May. Good for those 9.97 percent savings on those shots. (This month is also in strength .944).

2. Chris Wagner, RW, Boston Bruins After the absence of Bruce from the first major round of Carolina, Wagoner scoring after passing by Joachim Nord room:
3. Kelvin de Han, D, Carolina Hurricane. Several top posters have been posted for Cain, and De Haan's second goal was his first playoff count in 27 competitions.

Night game

To say truthfully, there are about 10 different rascal works that we can highlight here.

Night blind

Justin Williams joined the fight with Torrey Krug, received three punishments in the first period and some punches on David Beck's head. This is not the best look for the captain. (Remember, after being punished by Brad Marchand in Game 2, Williams said that he has grown old and should know better).

For the record, Williams said that he did not think his feelings would be found through Tuesday night, by linking this question with a simple "no". Brind'Amour defended his captain, although he could not defend big shocks in Krug, who won one in two minutes.

"Willie was a little over a hit," said Brind'Amour. "This is not a specialty, others are just fighting."

In the schedule

San Jose Shark in St. Louis Blues, Game 3, 8 o'clock ET (Series tied to 1-1)

With the elimination of Nathan McCain, this is an irreplaceable fact: Logan Couture is the most prominent striker left in the playoffs. Now he has 13 goals, four more than any other player, and 19 points in 16 games. This can be postson, which ultimately increases its profile, to be mentioned with the elite in the game.

Another takeaway from game 2? No matter how profound the Sharks crime is, it's a postman, it's too early to discount Jordan Binnington. It has been especially effective after the loss. San Luis made some defensive changes, encouraging them. Do not help your cause? Special equipment went into 0 -For-5 (and 7-Four-47 in Postson) in Blues Power Play and gave Caucher a goal. This was the third shortage that St. Louis allowed in the playoff with the majority of any team.

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"Thank you for coming, Chuck"

Tuukka Rusk and Charlie McAvoy were asked to take the podium after Bruce's victory. The media was very interested in rusk. Not so much for McAvoy, who was asked absolutely zero questions.

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