Service Dogs, Sully, George H. W. Bush on Memorial Day

Service Dogs, Sully, George H. W. Bush on Memorial Day
Sully became famous after sharing a clear picture of her sleeping in the coffin covered with President Bush's flag.

The dog of service, Sulli, his former owner, late President H. W. Has given an honest message for. Bush, Memorial Day.

The faithful service dog has its official Instagram account. In a photo published on Monday, he has been seen next to the monument of World War II.

"Always think of my best friend and the best army of the world," the reader said, "the freedom of our country for the maximum sacrifice while protecting our country."

The Second World War memorial was opened in April 2004 and it was called George H. W. Was dedicated by. Bush's son, George W. Bush. In the publication of Sully on Instagram, a quote from the departed President was also included.

After sharing a moving picture of President Bush in the coffin, the world became lonely with Sulli. He was appointed 41st place among the chairmanship of the non-profit organization America's Vitdogs in June 2018. Bush received him as a "family member".

Sullie's age is almost two years and it was named after the airline's retired pilot, Chesley "Sullie" Sullenberger II, who became famous for landing on a Hudson River in 2009 without landing a passenger plane. He currently works at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center Their work involves a reduction in stress and helping to increase the "total emotions of goodness between patients and employees" according to a center representative.

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