T-Mobile and Sprint decide to get approval for FCC merger

T-Mobile and Sprint decide to get approval for FCC merger
It includes abandonment of 5G expansion, rural broadband and boosts mobile.

T-Mobile and Sprint are still set to secure a merger, and they have created a new round of promises to win the regulators' heart. Operators have made new commitments with the FCC, which will guarantee high-speed mobile internet and broad reach to the domestic broadband, not to mention concerns about the lack of competition. He has committed to implement the 5G service, which includes 97 percent of the United States population. UU Within three years of approved merger and 99% in six years Approximately 90 percent of Americans will have mobile internet at the speed of "at least" 100 Mbps, while 99 percent will have the speed of 50 Mbps or more.

Rural broadband will also play an important role. 5G network will cover 85 percent of rural Americans in 90 years and 90 percent in six years. Two-thirds of rural residents will have the average band 5G There are also "specific commitments" to launch Internet access at home.

One of the two Sprint's prepaid brands will sell Boost Mobile to solve the competition issues.

FCC President Ajit Pai believes that the merger was sufficient to be "in public interest" and he said that he would recommend that the FCC Commissioner should approve the agreement. This is a rare opportunity to accelerate the deployment of 5G and rural broadband. However, you have to wait a bit to find out whether the other FCC gets approval or not. Pai is presenting a draft order for his colleagues in the "next few weeks", and their success depends on voting in favor of the majority commissioners. It does not include concerns in the Justice Department. However, after months of uncertainty, there may be encouraging news for T-Mobile and Sprint.

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