The season 'Saturday Night Live' is close to the Trump with the song 'Do not Stop Me Now'.

As the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, Edie Bryant sang, "I can not quote him, he is going to interrupt it."
The season 'Saturday Night Live' is close to the Trump with the song 'Do not Stop Me Now'.
"Saturday Night Live" concluded its 44th season, starting with "Do not Stop Me Now" with a song run by the Queen, it is a phrase that the program called for the crisis-ridden presidential nomination of Donald Trump Implemented with

The President, played by Alec Baldwin, offered open cold with optimistic announcements, even the economy was "on fire".

"I'm not going to tell you if this is a fire that keeps you warm or burns your house on the ground," he said.

Trump faces increasing pressure on Congress to reveal his tax return, and presented White House staff to testify on the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in Russian influence in the 2016 election.
In "SNL" on Saturday, the artists performed "Do not Stop Me Now" in the fund to be displayed as Oval Office, with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, played by Eddie Bryant, will be interrupted".

Melaniya Trump played by Cecilie Strong sang: "She has the best and talented boys, so most of them are completing time."

Muller, played by Robert De Niro, tried to intervene: "I have something very important to tell the American people," he said, "something they need to hear."

Trump blocked it and said: "No collusion, no blockage."

Later in the program, news section "Weekend Update" expanded the criticism of Trump by looking at his trade war with China.

Co-presenter Michael Che thought that what America needs to sell to China, which sugar actually wants to buy.

"Besides Marvel films and credit card loans, what do we sell to China?" he said.

Along with the image of "Abal" clock by changing some of the trademarks, Che said: "Anything we can do alone".

This section raised the issue of abortion rights and the Alabama Legislature vote to enforce the country's strictest abortion law.

Colin Jost, co-host of "Weekend Update", said, "This SNL season started in 2018, but it seems that this is going to end somewhere in the 1970s."

Artist member Leslie Jones Alabama joined the criticism of the law.

"I do not know that all of you listened, but women are like humans," he said. "When women have an option, women have independence."

Grammy-nominated rapper and hip-hop producer DJ Khalid made his debut as a musical guest, which included John Legend, SZA, and others, and actor Paul Rudd was the host. 

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