The state sued the vape company and said that it is targeting the youth.

The state sued the vape company and said that it is targeting the youth.
BOSTON - Massachusetts has sued a national retailer of electronic cigarette products and has alleged that the company has violated state law for its products, Attorney General Maurya Haley announced on Thursday.

In the complaint filed in the Suffolk High Court, it was alleged that Ensmak LLC located in Clifton, New Jersey violated Massachusetts consumer laws through underground consumers and verified the age of buyers in a ruling or online guarantee or guaranteed that the person was State requires in 21 years

A lawsuit has been filed by the Attorney General because his office launched the electronic cigarette industry last summer.

Democrat said in a statement, "AnSmocoke pulled out a page from Big Tobey's Playbook and sold it to the youth on social media."

Haley said that the company's products marketing on social networking sites like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have some high concentrations of nicotine in the market and include fragrant products such as "Gummy Bear" and "Grain Loop". "

AnsoMcke did not respond

The company's Chief Executive Michael Talmach wrote "The Boston Globe", which for the first time reported to the prosecution that Ensmoc shared "Concerns about the concerns of Haley's youth," and this has taken some of the most aggressive actions, Combined with the use of youth, including the end of sales. For the state on our website, the announcement of cleaning of our social media channels and strict online age verification. "

According to the statement, according to the statement that after the attorney general's office sent a letter of withdrawal and withdrawal in September, the company had stopped selling its products to customers in Massachusetts, including industry observers, Julie Labs, other wapping companies,

North Carolina became the first state to prosecute Juul at the beginning of this month, a court asked to limit the sale of flavors and said that young people of his age could not purchase their volatile products.

Josh Stein, the state's attorney general, accused Juan of creating "pandemics" among young people through his marketing practices. A company spokesman said that it was taking measures to reduce the vapor of young people, including strengthening online age verification and closing some social media accounts.

Haley announced in February that he had sent an organized and dispatch letter to Kelly E-Liquids, another online retailer from California's electronic cigarette, and said that the company violated the rules and regulations of tobacco products in Massachusetts.

Kilo e-Liquids now sells consumers in Massachusetts according to their website.

Also on Thursday, organizations such as the American Heart Association have pressurized Massachusetts MPs to pass laws to prevent children and young adults from being vulnerable.

The measures include the proposed 75 percent product tax at the wholesale price of electronic cigarettes, which was included in the Senate version of the proposed state budget for the financial year starting July 1, but the camera has not yet been passed.

Advocates also support a bill, which will sell all flavored tobacco products in the state.

Lisa Deck, 43, North Attleborough, a non-smoker who escaped from four strokes and works as a national voluntary spokeswoman for the Heart Association, said that the growing prevalence of bleeding caused her to be two, 10 and 12 years old. As worried in the form.

"I say, my children, do not be silly, you know that it is still bad for you, it's still tobacco, it's cotton candy," Deck said. "I want to educate them and I do not want to be a target."