These leopards are fantastic brilliant shoes that I will wear all summer.

Are they completely over? Yes. and that's why I love you.
These leopards are fantastic brilliant shoes that I will wear all summer.
Slays do not die. It came for cultural awareness last summer and it is still strong. It is developing, but it continues to polarize. Some people can also argue that this is just bad. I will not agree with them because, again, they are polarizing. The sled is a glance, but it is also a soul. It's ridiculous to be funny, but it is also an intelligent look for other supporters who understand it, and you know what you are doing.

I tell you all this because I got a pair of shoes with no leather hair blue leopard prints. They are from Saba brand, and they are out there For some, they are fine, for many, totally too much for the sake of. And I love them. This is the reason that

You can not duplicate these shoes.

A pair of blue, leopard print and a cowhide slip-on demand demands something. They demand that you use them with confidence and intentions. You can not leave the house so strong on your feet and expect people not to notice. Its entire existence is based on attracting attention. Damn it all! And that means when I use them this summer, then I have to take a look. Some side will come in the form of eye Others will know that Winks (at least I hope they are). But with a pair of such shoes, it is about being happy in their extreme nature. It's fun and is not apologizing for it.

There is a real story behind them.

Saba is not an old brand, but the techniques and traditions mentioned have some serious historical history. The company was founded in 2013 by a person named Mikey Ashmore, who for some time lived in Turkey to work for Microsoft. His girlfriend's grandmother gave him a pair of traditional Turkish shoes at that time and started using them everywhere.

As is done in this kind of history, due to which a company was established. The Ashmore couple began to separate, so they found an individual named Orhan who worked in the city of Gaziantep, situated on the southern Turkey border. The family of Orhan was making shoes of the same style since 1800 and pleased Ashmore with a new, less curly couple with fine leather and rubber soles, which became a prototype of Sabah. Six years later, the brand continues to produce shoes in Gaziantep, though with some additional people to help Orhan and his wife.

They are created beyond trends.

In one day, this can slip from the ground. The idea of ​​actually betting on a pair of blue leopard shoes may look even more awkward in the future than ever. This is nothing to cry! A part of the embrace style embraces both the almanac and the permanent and means to combine them both in an exciting way. These Sabas are designed for that conversation. Although this particular style is present, the way it was made, by using hands, high-end material, and one replacement only, it means that it was designed with age to last and even improve. is.

So if something is bold and bright, then this is not your teacup, you can be attracted to some of the brand's great offers. Give them a shot! Then, once you feel the quality for yourself, come back and get the blue leopard. The heat is here and it's time to be a bit wild.