Thousands of people celebrate Mexican culture, the food at Rosland's Cinco de Mayo Festival

Thousands of people celebrate Mexican culture, the food at Rosland's Cinco de Mayo Festival
There is no cultural sign that is better than food and music.

For some people, the annual Cinco de Mayo festival is about Churro, chicharrones de harina, Michaacánas enchilada, tacos de barbacoa and long-term tastes of all types, which are on Sundance Rosland's Village Shopping Center on Sunday.

For many others in the crowd, it is traditional dance and songs on family-friendly festivals that bring them back to their country or to their family.

Seeing her 7-year-old daughter dancing in a traditional white lace outfit on stage with the classic ballad "La Bruja", Faviola González said that she felt that it was necessary to add American-born children to the culture of her Mexican family. Are fulfilling their duty.

"Whenever I see dance, my heart beats fast." 36-year-old Gonzalez of Rohnert Park said, "It's like jumping out. I want him to feel proud. I told him, 'You are Mexican-American. You are Mexican-American. '

Now in its 14th year, the Rosland Cinco de Mayo Festival attracts approximately 10,000 people to the big Sebastopol Road parking lot near Dollar Tree, which has been home to this event since the beginning.

The local musicians are featured on a stage with a radio station, and most of the afternoon children's program ends with Richmond at the main band Estrellas de la Bahia at night.

Organizers declared this program as the largest Cinco de Mayo festival in Northern California. It is celebrated in communities throughout the United States - some say more compliant than in Mexico - a holiday is a celebration of the Mexican culture which is related to the Battle of Puebla, which was the victory of the Mexican army on the invasion of the French army in 1862.

During the festival, Santa Rosa kids take a handful of flour and attack them to the white hair on Sebastopol Road, which is closed for traffic with the location of the festival.

Festival organizing committee Sylvia Lemas said that next year this event may be due to the delay in the redevelopment plan for the Rosland Village Environment Center in the parking lot and on the road.

This was the second Cinco de Mayo festival held in 2017 since Santa Rosa, which was officially brought to the neighborhood - where 3 out of 5 residents were identified as Latina - entered the city border. Lemus and his co-organizer, Caroline Banuelos said that he was told that in the coming months, an open food court will open at that place, which will start more development projects later this year.

City plans include a public plaza, Mercado style food halls, libraries, and local boys and girls' clubs and new apartment complexes.

Bañuelos is an organizing committee member, Cinco de Mayo, who was tasked to develop an official family-centric festival in 2005 to replace informal and occasional noisy celebrations and dangerous community festivals. He said that this was what he expected.

"I like to see my grandparents strolling together with their parents while walking with their children," said Lemas.

In nearly 100 booths, many non-profit organizations show government and law enforcement.

Fourth grade Christopher Gudino, 9, stopped near the booth to hand over a debit card to Santa Rosa Police Captain Ray Navarro

"We found it on the ground," said Gudino, who was looking for officials to give cards, his sister and cousin saw him.

"Thank you very much," Navarro said, who then talked about his school with the children and what he did on the festival. "Have fun."

On the closest booth, CHP officer Custodio Lopez wore a blue and gold rug of hat that perfectly matched gold and blue in his uniform.

The native resident of Santa Rosa is wearing a hat, who has attracted attention from the festival for many years, which draws annual draws for those who want to photograph with Sonoma, along with Maria Whitman, 40. He asked his 4-year-old son, Steven Whitman to take photographs with the authorities.

"It happens every year when I can wear my uniform," said Lopez.

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