TN Fay and Emmy Pohler join Emma Thompson in Mother's Day Monologue of SNL (see)

TN Fay and Emmy Pohler join Emma Thompson in Mother's Day Monologue of SNL (see)
Emma Thompson received some help from her mother, Tina Fey, and Emmy Pohler during Mother's Day "Mother's Day in Live" episode, which she organized on May 11.

During his mother tongue, Thompson brought former members of "SNL" actors to help teach the audience to understand "mother tongue".

All three started talking and said that when a mother says that she wants to do for Mother's Day, with ease, perhaps with a message, what she really says: "How do you buy grass?" Pohler says.

In the meantime, when she calls her daughter "I like that shirt", then what she is trying to say is this: "Oh, I think I bought you that shirt," Fay said.

"When your mother tells you to look tired, you mean 'you feel bad', all three said together.

Since mothers sometimes need help in expressing themselves, when someone says that they do not want to talk about politics, Pohler said what she really wants to say: "Please, my For those who do not waste Biden, that's what I imagine. " And when a mother tells her son that she loves her just as she is, then she said that it really means: "I am bored of waiting for you that you tell me that you are gay Just do so that you can buy things from the rainbow!

FE also wanted to influence the audience that the mothers live outside their children, so when she says that she is going to the book club tonight, then what does it really mean, Thompson has ended, she becomes "he" Will go. Linda "

While taking advantage of their education for a few moments, women talked about those specific regional things, which can mean mothers, depending on where they are, Thompson said that the word "brilliant" for English The amount is similar to Hawaii's "Aloha". Of meaning He really does, but then he got off with a tender moment, signed sweet words for each of his children.

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