Trump prepares a trip full of parades for Japan to honor the new emperor

Trump prepares a trip full of parades for Japan to honor the new emperor
Washington: is a new emperor in Japan, but it is President Donald Trump, who will receive an emperor eligible show during a visit to Tokyo on Friday.

The state's tour will provide a much more pleasant atmosphere than Washington, where the impeachment is now getting furious and Trump is boiling in the investigation of Democrats in its administration.

And although Japanese officials and analysts said that the inauguration of the state's tour would have been honored to any leader of the United States, it still shows the efforts of a President to be complacent, who is still suffering research in his country for. Travel begins an intensive program of travel abroad which will take Trump to Europe and then return to Asia during the next month.

In the Japanese capital, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been trying to become the best friend of Trump for more than two years, organizes a tour for a naval base, a royal banquet and a base in a sumo wrestling tournament. is. Navy.

On that front, he has had great success. While other traditional partners in Europe and Canada are politically weak and are constantly humiliated by Trump, Abe met the President more than 40 times over the phone and spoke and twice invited to Mar-A-Lago property Florida.

On business and North Korea agenda.

The reward for Abe's courtship is less obvious. Trump, whose economic opponent is Japan's vision of the 1980s, has imposed a duty on the country's exports and has threatened to charge its cars. And many times, his diplomatic effort with North Korea caused great concern among Japanese officials.

At the end of this week, both topics will be featured in Trump's conversation with Abe. But American officials said that the substance would take away the eyelids of Japanese Ceremonial Culture, which meant to impress and flatter the American leader. Trump is the first visitor of the state because the new Japanese emperor Naruhito had ascended the throne in Crisetham this month after the sacrifice of his elderly father.

The Emperor and his Harvard-educated wife, Aki Abe, will host Trump for a royal banquet designed to portray a strong relationship between the United States and Japan, which are important in the Washington-based country for military protection. Trump will also provide a trophy to the winners of the Tokyo Spring Sumo Wrestling Tournament after getting some round seats in the ring, an agreement which the White House officials say is eagerly waiting for it.

And when the effect is one of the real benefits of that leader who loves the show, he never questioned whether a US leader would be invited to the first official state visit of the Rewa era, as The emperor is known in the reign of Naruto.

At the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Japan's Senior Vice President and President Michael Green said, "First he had to become a US president." "It's more about Donald Trump, rather than showing a lot of pomp and circumstance - the Japanese diplomatic agenda meant that whatever President was supposed to be the first US president had to be."

With a long bilateral meeting with Trump and possibly a round of golf, Abe expects to be able to avoid commercial tensions and North Korea's stability to the United States.
Japanese officials were worried at the beginning of this month when North Korea resumed short-range test missiles for a long time after relative silence. Although Trump and other US officials took an intermediate approach to the tests, saying that the leader Kim Jong would continue diplomatic relations with them, Japan adopted a tough stance and said that the measure violated the UN's proposals.

Abe pressured Trump to keep the pressure on Pyongyang in particular, especially on the issue of Japanese citizens hijacked by the government decades before decades. And while Tokyo is not in opposition to the President's diplomatic efforts, there are concerns that the pursuit of the nuclear deal can return American troops from the region.

Business in agenda

Trade has also caused rage for Abe in their dealings with Trump. The United States withdrew from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership at the beginning of Trump's term, which Japan had championed as a business block, which could provide a Counterweight to China. On the other hand, Trump expressed his preference to negotiate one-on-one trade agreements with Japan.

Last week, Trump decided to delay the new car rates, while their administration negotiates bilateral trade agreements with Japan and Europe, but for only six months, the two sides have much less time to reach an agreement That suits him.

Although it picked up the steel and aluminum tariffs of Canada and Mexico last week, Trump retained those tariffs on Japanese metals despite protests from Abe. Trump insisted that trade losses of 68 billion dollars with Japan should be reduced, and a fierce there is a long-standing vision of the country as an economic competitor (this is taken)

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