Trump warns that Roy Moore "can not win", says losing the Senate seat again will be "devastating"

Trump warns that Roy Moore "can not win", says losing the Senate seat again will be "devastating"
On Wednesday, President Trump warned Roy Moore that he "can not win" a seat in the Senate in Alabama, as Republicans step up efforts to persuade the controversial candidate for the seat.

Trump, in a couple of tweets, argued that Republicans who lost seats again would have "devastating" consequences. Moore, the former president of the Supreme Court of Alabama who lost to Democratic Senator Doug Jones in 2017, said he will run again

"Republicans can not afford to lose seats in the Senate again in the Great State of Alabama," Trump wrote on Twitter. "This time it will be for six years, not just two, I have nothing against Roy Moore and, unlike many other Republican leaders, I wanted him to win, but he did not, and possibly he will not."

"If Alabama does not have a Republican in the Senate in 2020, many of the incredible gains we've achieved during our Presidency can be lost, including our Pro-Life victories, Roy Moore cannot win, and the consequences will be devastating ..." Judges and judges of the Supreme Court! ", Continued.

The president's tweets come as Moore weighs a second offer for the Senate seat in 2020. Earlier this month, the twice-retired state jurist whose campaign in the 2017 Senate was affected by accusations from teenagers with behavior inappropriate, said he is "very considerate." running again

"I'm still praying for that and talking to people, my family, my wife and I are considering it," Moore told The Associated Press.

In 2017, Moore ran for the seat that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions left empty. The seat was temporarily occupied by Senator Luther Strange, who lost very little in the best way that Moore.

Initially, the president received support from Strange, but after losing prime, Trump eliminated all his support for him and changed his support for Moore.

During the general election, Moore's campaign fought against claims that he began having sexual contact with teenage women for many years as a district attorney in his first 30 years. One of the women accused Moore of having sexual contact with her when she was 14 years old. The age of consent in Alabama is 16 years. Moore repeatedly denied the allegations.

Moore narrowly lost his Democratic opponent, Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat from Alabama, who sometimes crossed party lines and voted with Republicans on certain issues. However, Jones was the first Democrat to be elected to Alabama for the Senate in the decades.

The president maintained his support for Moore through the general election, but when he lost, Trump backed him and said he was "right" and added that he did not originally support the Senate race in Moore because he knew he would "No power in the general election. "

The reports indicate that Moore could launch his candidacy in June, despite the violent reaction of the Republicans. One of the main opponents of Moore's Republican Party, Bradley Byrne, said that people in Alabama were "worried" about the Republicans who lost in a Senate seat in 2017.

"I think people are very concerned that we lost a seat in the United States Senate because [Moore] was our candidate in 2017, and we do not have to do it again," Byrne told The Hill.

Moore responded to Byrne on Twitter by writing: "Why is Bradley so worried?"

He added: "He knows that if I run, I will beat Doug Jones."

But the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., issued an overwhelming response.

"You mean the last time?" Literally, you're the only candidate who lost a job in the Pro-Trump Republican Party, pro-USA ALABAMA, "The nomination should never become a business model," wrote Trump Jr. #MAGA more than yours, it's time to ride at sunset, judge. "