TV Review: ABC Live "Everyone In the Family" and "The Jefferson"

Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tommy, Wanda Saaks, Jamie Fox, and this new special was presented by Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Leire.
TV Review: ABC Live "Everyone In the Family" and "The Jefferson"
In the handsheet, it was only for a while before the fever was restarted and re-emerging, when it appears as a literal repetition, but if television is going to be there, then "All in the Family" and " Bring the program on such a strange time as "Jefferson" "This is the way to do it. .

The fact is that the Norman Layer comedy is presumed at a time or at least, there is an established issue for decades in the television industry. The family comedy they created, including "Everyone in the Family", "Friend", "The Jefferson", "Once a day" and more, refused to follow the saying that everyone should be together Should and should avoid topics such as religion, money, and politics. In fact, most of the programs which were written on the most controversial topics of the day, they deal with their differences by expressing them with enthusiasts, sometimes unmanageable details. That model of family comedy has been running since then; Today's television shares its DNA, either "One Day at a Time" by Netflix or spiritual descendants like "Blackish" by ABC.

Therefore, when Jimmy Kimmel appointed stars like Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tommy, Wanda Sachs, Kerry Washington, Jamie Fox, and Will Ferrell to take the old roles for a particular (life), then its interpretation was made of Brazen Manuscripts of Nostalgia Can be done in such a way, in doing so. . About the relevant history of television as "The Jefferson" and "All in the Family" is about reminding a new and comprehensive audience as pure entertainment. And since Leer, who is now 96 years old, was clarified in a punctual introduction, reconstructing these shows was an experiment if they were as good as they are today, as fans have said. "We are still dealing with many similar problems," said Layer. "We hope that you will laugh tonight, incite discussions and encourage action, and there are many more things that we should do in this country which we love very much."

The experiment has been working. With a careful focus on all the details and forms of wigs, the ABC stage of "Henry's Farewell" ("All in the Family") and "A Friend in Need" ("The Jefferson") managed to feel like an artwork Stayed. From the nostalgic past. And immediate present The word Exxisoning by the word means that, for example, Archie (Haralson) maintained her notorious rascals of sexism and racism. (It also meant that ABC, which adheres to the 2019 Transmission Network standards, has applied dangerous and long-term signals to erase "Jefferson" characters using the word n ​​"on the surface. , The episode "Jefferson" is related by the author and co-creator of Dawn Nicole and the bombing George Jefferson (played here by Foxx) who, on his first appearance on "Henry's farewell" before his split "A Friend in Need". Both chapters are also associated with a clear discussion about class inequality, cultural abyss, and voluntary ignorance. Some of the reviews reveal his age, but as Layer tells us Before time warned, many more hit us closer to the house. (Replace every nickname mention by Trump and tell me that they do not read the same thing). This does not mean that the Sector has become less comical, but this process is an additional depressive inclination Dija Wu to make level.

For their own performance, most of them copied mixed effects. His attempt in Harrison's Archie, or more specifically, the Queens Accent of Carole O'Connor, was not satisfied until the first commercial break, while Foxx was caught in copying the tics of Sherman Helmsley, that he dropped one Let the trumpet and a cry: this is life! "Tommy was better, who stole almost all the scenes with the enthusiasm of Jean Stapleton, with the tremendous enthusiasm of Joe Stapleton. In opposition to these three, in particular, Sachs immediately compared Isabel Sanford VJ left his representation of Jefferson, leaving an informed choice that rewarded the wax impact of Fox.

It helps that these four nuclei were surrounded by players with competent support, most of the time, they had extensive experience in their own comedy born from the Layer tradition. There is no resistance to the view of skilled actors such as Anderson ("Blackish"), Stephen Tombolsi ("One day at a time"), and Amber Stevens-West ("The Carmichael Show"), who showed huge clippings of applause while performing. Are. Tribute to your ancestors of comedy In fact, two of them was also there in their favor: the original artist of "Jefferson", Marla Gibbs, repeated her role as intelligent maid Florence, and her co-star "227", Jackie, had a friend of VJ Interpreted (surprisingly) to participate in Diana

Therefore, of course, the performance was not impeccable and the 70s comedy rhythm sometimes felt dissatisfaction on the 2019 stage. But in particular the devotion of Panchvalans and the specialization of panent precision was devoted. Any technical problem that was quickly faded

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